Black magic BZRK review

There are so many different pre-workouts out there on the internet. Major fitness brands and influencers create new products every day. With so many choices it can be very difficult to select the perfect pre-workout formula for you. BZRK is one of black magics top selling products. It fits in well with Black magics wide range of supplements and gear. This is an online brand that you may never have heard of. However, don’t worry, we have presented this full review of Black magic BZRK to find out how efficient BZRK’s ingredients are, how healthy it is, and what is the caffeine content of this pre workout. So, is BZRK is the best supplement available to give you a pumped-up workout?

An insight into Black magic supply

So, what is Black magic supply? Well, most of their business consists of supplements. Each supplement has a different goal or effect on the body, such as weight loss. All of their products have some sort of health benefits. The majority of ingredients in this supplement probably are all ready in your diet. None of these supplements will subtract from your health. Some people have even claimed that this is the most trustworthy brand and supplement out there. They have a lot of faith in themselves. With every purchase, you get a quality guarantee, and a 60-day returns policy. However, out of all of their products this one caught my eye. So, I bought it tried, tested it, and analysis the ingredients and the caffeine content. Now I want to share what I experienced in this review of Black magics BZRK.

Black magic Bzrk pre workout review

My Black magic BZRK pre workout review

This is a pre-workout formula. As of now, out of all of the Black magic BZRK reviews, customers have rated it 5 stars. Before a workout is the ideal time to consume pre workout. Specifically, 15-20 minutes before you go to the gym in order to allow the ingredients to kick in and get you the best pump during your workout. Consume with 6-8 Oz of water, or you can pick some form of juice or other drink. I would recommend only taking this supplement once a day. Any more will result in going over the recommended caffeine intake.

Any pre-workout formula is meant to wake you up, give you energy, and therefore boost your performance in the gym. We are not dieticians, however, over our years of experience of writing reviews, we can tell you what ingredients in BZRK and macronutrients are good for you.

BZRK ingredients, nutrients, and caffeine content

This is the most important part of our Black magic BZRK pre workout review, so listen up. Here are the ingredients in BZRK pre workout and nutritional facts, given in a single serving of the BZRK pre-workout.

  • Citrulline malate 7000mg: Citrulline malate is an amino acid that has been recognized for its ability to delay the onset of fatigue. In more simple words it will make you feel more awake for longer.
  • Beta 3200mg: Beta-alanine is not an essential amino acid for the body. Yes, it is still an amino acid, however, its purposes are to make other chemicals in the body.
  • Glycerol pump 2500mg: Glycerol pump is an advanced form of glycerol. It can be found in numerous powdered drinking products and is a crucial part of the caffeine content. It produces more glycerol per gram than normal glycerol.
  • Betaine anhydrous 2500mg: Betaine anhydrous is probably an ingredient that you have never heard of. It is a naturally occurring compound in the body and can be found in most pre-workouts, including Black magics BZRK.

There is exactly 1650mg of other additional ingredients. Such as erythritol, natural and artificial flavours, malic, acid, sucralose, citric acid, acesulfame potassium, and silicon dioxide. Some of these additional ingredients may vary on which flavour you choose. These are all powerful ingredients to boost your body. Do not take this supplement within 6 hours of sleep-in order to avoid fatigue.

Black magic Bzrk nutritional fac

Black magic BZRK caffeine content is 350mg a serving. This is a lot of caffeine and more than you would get from any natural tea or coffee like matcha.

You should always read the packaging and directions on the container. Most of these ingredients can be found in other pre-workouts. In fact, they are found quite commonly in our diets and are 100% safe. Even though this is a review of Black magics BZRK , I feel that I still morally have to pressure you to read the directions of use and all of the ingredients used in this pre workout to ensure you are not allergic to anything.


There are enough flavours of this pre-workout to keep your attention. Many people buy a single container of the best-powdered supplements and get bored with the flavour within a few days. BZRK pre workout ingredients and caffeine content do not change very much depending on the flavour. However, if you have any allergies it’s allows good to double check and review the ingredients in Black magics BZRK.

Here are the flavours available for the BZRK.

  • Crystal blue
  • Peach rings
  • Mango sunrise
  • Lemon Raz icy
  • Hate Rade
  • Cosmic burst
  • Orange cooler
Customer reviews-What did the consumers say?

On the Black magic supply’s official webpage, the BZRK scored a rating of 4.5-stars out of over 100 reviews. This is a fairly honest rating. Bad reviews are typically hidden by company’s; however, a small handful of poor reviews can be found.

One consumer left this review on BZRK pre workout ”I usually take woke af and have been for a while, but I started taking this and this stuff is a real game changer, you can genuinely tell the difference between how you feel and it’s great. Amazing focus, good energy, and a great pump I also believe that Black magics ingredients are more natural. 10/10” We had to dig deep to find this statement that a customer wrote. It was 1 of 116 and towards the last page of reviews. This shows that the company has been getting positive ratings for quite a long time.

Most customer complaints left in the review section of Black magics webpage were about how they did not feel the full effects of the supplement. Some people may have a higher tolerance than others when it comes to the ingredients in BZRK. However, this pre workout has a caffeine content of 350mg. This supplement is safe to take. It does not pose any health threats. Even if the product didn’t give you the boost that you wanted, I would still recommend sticking to the guidelines and only taking a single scoop a day.

Is BZRK pre-workout any good? | Conclusion of review

We have concluded in my Black magic BZRK review that this is one of the preferred pre workout supplements for anyone who wants to go to the gym but is suffering from fatigue. The caffeine content is 350mg, this is practically guaranteed to give you a big wake up call. You should always follow the guidelines and directions on the packaging when it comes to this type of supplement and make sure your comfortable consuming the ingredients in this pre workout.

However, BZRK is safe, has healthy ingredients, and good to use once a day to give you a pumped-up workout. Some people have even claimed that this is the best pre-workout supplement available. If you do want to make a purchase, then follow the links in this post. If you are unsatisfied with what you receive then have a 60-day returns policy. To sum up my whole the Black magic BZRK pre-workout review, this is a healthy and safe way to energize yourself for a pumped-up workout.

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