Bodybuilding .com BodyFit Review BodyFit has multiple different training programs options and levels, I had to review this fitness program to see how good it is. So, what is the goal of this program? The program is accessed by an app, once you open the app you are greeted with the option of cutting, Bulking, and losing weight. After you choose your goal you the use one of the 60 full transformation guides, along with 2500 articles, and 3500 exercise demonstrations.

There’s an endless amount of meal planning advice and suggestions along with supplement and healthy food alternative recommendations and guides. I could not read all of the articles on in the BodyFit program, however the majority of what I did review was high-quality content. Essentially, this program was created to be the only fitness guide you will ever need. doesn’t only sell fitness programs. They are one of the biggest gym apparel and supplement retailers in the world. Everything from cool accessories, clothing, and equipment can be bought at their website. They also have some cool interviews with people who have changed their lives in the gym.

My BodyFit membership experience and review BodyFit logo with a female working out


From looking at reviews on that customers left wrote the BodyFit transformation program, there are a lot of positive and negative comments. Many users were frustrated at the tracking feature of the app. Many said that they were unable to get the data from their previous workout. In my opinion, this isn’t a major flaw of the app, you should know if you have been consistent with your program.

Another negative comment was based on the company’s claim of free shipping for subscribers. This free shipping was only eligible for people in certain parts of the world. Specifically, only in certain parts of the US.


There were also a lot of positive reviews on written about the BodyFit transformation program. If you live in the USA, you are then eligible for free shipping. Anyone who is new to the gym can certainly use this. This program is more targeted at newbies. It’s a great way for people to learn about Nutritional diets and exercise routines. Training at home is also possible with some programs. For anyone who likes to make excuses about missing workouts now has no excuse. This makes the programs perfect for people who do not have time to go to the gym or for parents who have to stay at home. Price wises this subscription is a lot cheaper than paying for a personal trainer. Scheduling appointments can be annoying and can make you miss out on events with friends. You are your own personal trainer in this program.

Benefits of not having a personal trainer

Female personal trainer holding feet of client while they do sit ups with a weighted ball

Having the choice to workout whenever you want is brilliant. Most people have a routine and at a certain time of day they will work out. However, that can be quite difficult if you are a parent or have a certain type of employment. Another massive benefit of not having a personal trainer is money. Some trainers can charge up to $20-$40 for a single session. After reviewing and Compareing these two options to, only charges $5 a month for a BodyFit membership with way more advice and knowledge than anyone can keep in their head is a no-brainer.

What can you achieve with the BodyFit transformation program?

Many people have left their own testimonials and reviews on’s app and website, and you can see and read their stories about how the turned their lives around with the BodyFit program. Unfortunately, this is not a miracle program. The truth is, you will only get as much out of it as you put into it. But there are no excuses for not succeeding in your goals. This program has been proven to work people have lost considerable amounts of weight and built large amounts of muscle. The only reason you cannot succeed is because of you. It’s time to put your time to use and get motivated.

conclusion of body fit review

So, in the conclusion of this review of’s BodyFit transformation program, for anyone who feels lost or unsure in the gym, the BodyFit transformation program is worth a shot. Even for the more experienced gym goer, there is always more to learn, you are always the student. If you are still not convinced about the program, you get a 7-day free trial when you get a subscription, to see if it suits you.

I have never been a big fan of paying for any sort of fitness course online. In my opinion, all of the information is completely free. There are so any different free sources online it seems ridiculous to pay for one. However, only charges you $5 to become a member of the BodyFit program, and after reviewing and trailing it I came to one conclusion. Convenience is the goal with this program. You will have all of the information you need right in front of you. There is no need to go diving into the web anymore just to find the answer to a simple question. This in my opinion makes it great.

Bulking up or getting cut?
Bulking and cutting with two men as examples

Some people struggle to find the right place to start in the gym. It’s an age-old question, should I bulk or cut first? Thankfully the BodyFit program lets you choose where you want to start. If you are overweight and want to lose it or consider yourself overweight, then you should defiantly cut first. I make the mistake before of trying to bulk up while I was already carrying extra fat. After the space of a month, I had put on so much extra fat that my muscles wouldn’t show, and I felt so uncomfortable with the way I looked. You should always review your physique and make a realistic decision before picking what BodyFit program you are going to use, if your unsure has various articles to help you find out.

If you have decided that you do want to bulk up first, then that’s perfect. All you have to do is eat more and lift heavy. Well, it’s actually a lot more complicated than that, but the body fit program makes it easy to understand and follow. If you are skinny or just think and feel small a bulk is perfect for you. For some people putting on weight is harder than losing it. However, if you stay consistent and trust the process you will succeed.

I could have written a 2000-words about’s Bodyfit transformation program and shared all tips and tricks for bulking and cutting in this review. But there is no point in me doing that. The’s BodyFit transformation program makes an easy, convenient, and interactive way for you to become your best.


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