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Bulk Supplements Creatine Monohydrate Review

There is just about an endless amount of creatine supplements available. Therefore trying to find the best one for you is a big challenge. Bulk supplements is offering something slightly different, instead of pure creatine powder you can have capsules. So, I bought myself a bag of Bulk supplements monohydrate creatine, Let’s sum it up and review it together.

What is Monohydrate creatine?

First of all, what is monohydrate creatine?

There are 2 types of creatine, one being monohydrate and the other being anhydrous.

Anhydrous is what you find inside most of the supplement brands creatines.

However, monohydrate is actually a complete match to what your body produces. The liver and kidney are responsible for producing this type of creatine.

Therefore, this is already a big plus. It took a bit of research prier to writing this review of Bulk supplements of analysing clinical study’s on monohydrate creatine.

However, I did find this outcome of a clinical study. Monohydrate was shown to increase the creatine content in muscles and blood. It was also more effective than any other form of creatine.

Bulk supplements monohydrate creatine ingredients (healthy?)

Creatine is made up of three amino acids, L-arginine, glycine, and L-methionine.

These ingredients make up most creatines. The three amino acids have been trialled before in clinical study’s. Bulk supplements creatine has been reviewed and concluded to be safe and not to pose any health threats.

I really don’t have much to write about here. Besides, Bulk supplements only uses pure monohydrate creatine. In addition to that, there seems to be nothing else in it.

Added sugarYes
Any additivesYes
No other ingredients

After reviewing this graph that I made, I can say that Bulk supplements have made a healthy monohydrate creatine. Make sure you follow the guidelines (serving size etc.) so you don’t cause any negative effects your body with using the product.

Monohydrate creatine

capsules vs powder (price?)

There isn’t many brands that offer you the choice between a capsule or powder. So, which is best.

Well, this is a tricky one. They both offer the exact same amount of nutrients and will both have the same effect on your body.

The only way to answer this question is by reviewing the price difference of both Bulk supplements monohydrate creatine capsules and powder.

Servings per container:1420
Price per serving:$0.85$0.74
Powder is $0.11 cheaper per serving

The powder is cheaper per serving by $0.11. I know this isn’t a big divider between the two but it’s a good reason to pick the powder.

Bulk supplements logo with catchphrase clean and pure bulk supplements, with different coloured powdered supplements on either side

The second reason why you should pick the powder is because you get an extra 6 servings. Once again this doesn’t seem like much. However, remember you will only need to reorder the creatine monohydrate powder every 3 weeks from Bulk supplements, appose to the capsules every 2 weeks. Review and take this into account.

Now you have to ask yourself is it worth it to spend an extra $0.11 a serving for not having to take 30 seconds of your day to shake your creatine powder instead of taking a pill.

Taking a capsule may be a lot quicker and easier, but it can make some people feel uncomfortable. I understand that swallowing 2 pills a day isn’t exactly pleasant, you also want to make sure any pill you put in your body is safe. If that’s you then go for the powdered option.

Personally, I would choose the powder but maybe that’s because I’m a cheapskate.

Benefits of Monohydrate creatine

There is no question that Monohydrate is better than anhydrous. But for the people who are not taking a creatine supplement, how can it benefit you?

Bulk supplements creatine monohydrate with a list of creatine benefits on the right side and a muscular man raising his arm as the cover photo

It is well known for increasing muscle mass. So, after a few days of taking it, your water cells will enlarge along with your muscles. It will also make them feel and appear bigger.

You will also feel your energy levels rise. About 50% of your energy comes from your diet the rest comes from your liver and kidney. Monohydrate creatine is formed by your liver and kidneys. So, the more creatine the more alive you feel. This is the same effect of BZRK pre workout

Creatine can also help your muscles regain strength and recover and may offer some other benefits like helping brain clarity. Furthermore, many study’s have proven that it benefits and improves the part of the brain responsible for memory. However, there is still some evidence lacking that it can improve your overall brain health and mental health.


Creatine is not as important for a gym goer as protein powder. Besides, your body is producing it’s own monohydrate creatine in it’s purest form. However, there are some massive benefits from taking a monohydrate creatine supplement, as stated above.

Equally important, if you are thinking about taking a creatine supplement or changing which supplement you take. I therefore 110% recommend Monohydrate creatine. To sum up Bulk supplements creatines and this review in a few lines.

Bulk supplements is offering you one of the purest forms of creatine available. Furthermore, the benefits can be pretty big if you know how to use it to your advantage. Do your research before taking the product and make sure you follow the guidelines.

Finally Stay strong and determined. Thanks for reading bro.


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