Do I need protein powder?

Do I need protein powder? This is a very common question, especially for newbies in the gym. Everyone’s body is different and will react in different ways to taking supplements. However, most people can build sufficient muscle mass without the use of any protein supplement. A healthy calorie-packed diet will be enough for most. If you have more experience in the gym and your body is used to working out, then you should consider taking protein powder to take your physique to the next level.

Why should I take a protein supplement?

A full scoop of protein powder, on top of

People usually start to take a protein supplement a few months after they started working out. The body can plateau very easily if you do not keep providing it with progressively more and more valuable nutrition. For some, in order to consume the correct amount of protein they would have to eat mountains of lean foods. this is the exact reason why you and I need to take protein powder. Taking protein powder allows you to eat a sufficient amount of whole foods while keeping up your body’s necessary protein levels and keeping you lean (stop you from gaining excessive fat)

This is another valid reason why you should and need to take protein powder. You can achieve the maximum macros needed for your body and still stay slim. In the average scoop (serving) of protein powder, your body consumes roughly 20 grams of protein and amino acids which comes to a total of roughly 90 calories.

To achieve this with a natural whole food such as ground beef, you would need 100 grams (180 calories) of it to get 20 grams of protein. However, if you consume a portion of food like ground beef you will also consume 10 grams of fat, which can be detrimental to weight loss. This is why people take protein powder to build muscle and stay on top of their macros while also keeping an eye on their waist size.

Should I take protein powder before or after a workout?

This is another very common question you will come across in the gym. So, should you take protein powder before or after a workout? I recommend you consume protein after your workout, preferably protein powder as your body need’s the nutrition. Why? because after your workout your body’s muscles are exhausted, and they need protein.

Note: Your body’s metabolism is working twice as hard after a workout. The body will absorb food quicker when your metabolism is faster. If you drink a protein shake before you go to the gym, your body won’t be able to take advantage of the nutrition. This would lead to you not getting the full benefit of taking the supplement. The body will absorb food quicker when your metabolism is faster.

Many people think that protein is the key to building muscle. However, this is not strictly true. Carbohydrates are equally important. Your body needs energy in order to workout out and builds muscle, protein plays a major role in this and is why I take it and why you should. However, carbs are broken down by the body and turned into glucose.

Muscles are forced to take in glucose and use it as energy. Note: If your body is used to consuming an average amount of carbs and one day you decide to consume fewer carbs, your muscles will then shrink in size. However, don’t worry, this will not lead to permanent muscle loss. After a few days, your normal muscle mass will come back. Make sure you are consuming all of your amino acids that are in protein powder, amino acids are also a good reason why you need and should take protein powder.

Top 5 best foods for protein intake

  • In my eyes, by far the best food for your protein intake is chicken. Per 100 grams of chicken breast, your body will consume 180 calories. 30 grams of protein and 5.5 grams of natural fats can be found in 100g of chicken. Chicken is so diverse to cook with. You can even make a fine cuisine dish with it. Personally, my go-to mass-building meal is chicken, rice, and vegetables. However, even chicken doesn’t pack as much protein as protein powder. This is why you and I along with so many people need to take protein powder.
Ground beef
  • Mince (known as ground beef) is a great food that will help you build muscle. Per 100 grams of mince, you consume 250 calories. Ground beef has 18.5 grams of protein and 20 grams of fat. This food is not as valuable as chicken. However, this is another food you will not get bored of. If you need some inspiration in the kitchen, then dive into the internet and you will find some tasty healthy meals that will make you big.
  • We had to include tofu on this list since it has so much potential to give you the gains you are looking for. Per 100 grams of tofu, all you consume is 47 calories. This consists of 4.8 grams of protein, 2.5 grams of fat, and 1.4 grams of carbs. This food isn’t one that I like very much. This is because not only is it extremely expensive but it doesn’t taste good. The reason so many people fail is that they can’t stick to their diet. It’s important you enjoy what you eat. This is yet another valid reason why you and I need to take protein powder. A lot of different flavours are available.
  • Salmon is a very nutritious food. Salmon has essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to thrive. Per 100 grams of salmon, you consume 159 calories. Chicken has 20.6 grams of protein and 8.2 grams of healthy fats. Not everyone enjoys eating fish but if you do then you’ll already know that salmon can be turned into something truly beautiful. As always, if you need any inspiration in the kitchen, then you can find numerous videos and articles online to help you.
  • Eggs are a great way to get your protein in along with some healthy fats. An average-sized egg will have 70 calories. This consists of 7 grams of protein and roughly 2 grams of fat. A common misjudgement about eggs is that they raise cholesterol levels. Eggs do raise your cholesterol levels, however, only the yoke have b12 cholesterol, which in small amounts is healthy for the body. But I still wouldn’t recommend eating an excessive amount of eggs. You can cook your eggs any way you like. I like them poached. Some people, including me like to make a protein shake by combining eggs, fruit, and protein powder, if you haven’t tried this, then I think you need to.

All of these foods are great for muscle growth. However, these foods will never match the macros of any protein supplement. This is why I and you need to take protein powder.

What protein powders should I take?
Promix protein powder grass fed unflavoured whey

In my opinion, the you need to take this protein powder. This protein supplement offers all of the nutrition that you need and is by far the most organic natural whey product that exists. Choosing a whey product is important, they are by far the best products for building muscle. If you are a vegan or suffer from lactose intolerant then there are multiple other choices out there for you to choose from.

Note: Whey comes from the process of making cheese. It is the liquid left over after the process has been completed. It has also been proven as the best source of protein for making supplements and for fuelling the body.

Conclusion: Do I need protein powder

You don’t need to take protein powder in order to put on muscle mass. However, if you want to take it to the next level in the gym and bulk up, then a protein supplement is definitely worth a shot. Most people take protein powder because they need to consume enough protein for their daily intake, and they cannot consume that amount of whole natural foods like I can’t. It is always important to remember that carbs play just as important a role in building muscle. It also requires a lot of motivation and consistency. So, don’t give up.


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