Gritin resistance bands review

You can find Resistance bands in every gym. Many people like to use them for stretching, physio, or as a workout. It goes without saying that resistance bands are effective. They improve your body’s flexibility and strength. But not many people actually know how to use them. This review will tell you how to perform an effective workout with resistance bands and if Gritin resistance bands are the best ones available.

Why would you need bands?

Resistance bands only came around 20-odd years ago, they haven’t existed forever. Bands originally invented to help people with physio. They allowed you to put a small amount of pressure on a muscle to stimulate it.

Even though they are still mainly used for physio, many people like to use them as a warm-up or cool-down before or after a workout. Resistance bands offer a small amount of stimulant to your muscles, this is what Gritins resistance bands are for and this is what you need to remember from my review.

This is perfect for waking them up or gently getting blood through them after a workout. A cool-down is not quite as important as a warmup.

Performing a full workout with resistance bands is possible. However, it may not be quite as effective as using dumbbells or other equipment but you can still perform a weight loss or muscle-enhancing workout with only bands.

Resistance bands stimulate muscles and warm them up. This can be anybody. Whether you are a slightly elderly person, or someone who is just not used to putting their body through uncomfortable demanding exercise.

My Gritins resistance band review

5 Gritins resistance bands, in all different strength levels and colours

For the price of £7.95, you can get 5 Gritin resistance bands, after review the price of other resistance bands I can say that this is extremely cheap. The bands have a rate of different strengths. They are light, medium, heavy, x heavy, and xx heavy. This is great for a workout. You can start light and warm up slowly until you are ready for the heavy bands.

A big pro to this product is the price. Some brands and companies offer a run-of-the-mill band and just put their logo on it and charge top dollar, however, Gritin resistance bands has been completely reasonable, after reviewing other bands on amazon these are definitely the best value for money.

The quality of the bands is most important. No one wants their resistance bands snapping in half as they are using them and no one wants to end up on a YouTube gym fails video.

These bands are made out of non-toxic and skin-friendly materials. They’re made from 100% natural latex to ensure high tensile strength and fast rebound performance. You don’t have to worry about these bands snapping and hitting you in the face. While researching for this review, I didn’t get to use Gritins resistance bands for any more than a week. During a week of being abused, the bands did not stretch out of shape.

Why you need Gritins resistance bands

With Gritins resistance bands, you can perform an effective and sustainable workout from the comfort of your own home gym. Price-wise, these bands are some of the cheapest available. However, despite their low prices they still maintain a high-quality product and material that will last.

Can you do a full workout with Gritins resistance bands?

Yes. you can perform a complete workout by only using the aid of resistance bands. Your workout may not be quite as effective and help you build as much muscle mass but there are some benefits to using bands instead.

For example, they stimulate each and every muscle fibre. If you are using a machine in the gym your body gets used to only using the same muscle fibres in the exact same repetitive motion.

With bands and free weights, your body never follows the exact same muscle. Your body also has to call on more muscles to help stabilize the movement on a direct path.

You can also find dumbbells on amazon that will offer a more diverse range on exercises. I recommend these ones here that I have also tried, tested, and reviewed, here are 4 effective exercises you can perform at home with the use of Gritins resistance bands.

4 simple and effective exercises

RDL’s: RDLs are different from regular deadlifts. While you can perform deadlifts with bands I recommend RDLs. They thoroughly train your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back.

Shoulder raises: Shoulders can really improve the physique of anyone. It may be hard to perform this exercise in its true form. However, you can still loop the band around your torso and hook it over your elbow.

Chest press: A chest press trains more than just your chest. It is truly a staple exercise for building strength. You can perform it by lying on the floor, placing the band around your upper torso, and stretching the band by extending your arms vertically with your chest muscles. This exercise is perfect for training the chest, triceps, and front-muscled shoulders.

Back rows: Your back muscles are a very important part of your body. You can train them by sitting on the floor and looping the Gritins resistance band around your foot or another solid object, then pulling the band towards you while reviewing your posture in an upright position. Tip: Try and squeeze your back muscles together while performing this exercise.


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