How to lose inches of waist fat

Whether you are an ageing man or a pregnant middle aged woman, none of us want love handles. Anybody can put on weight, and everyone can lose weight. In this article I’m going to show you how to get rid of love handles fast and how to lose inches off waist and belly fat with the simple basic concept of weight loss and the easiest tips and tricks.

So, let me show you how you are going to lose weight and how you will get shredded. So, what makes you fat? well, it’s not about what you eat it’s about how much you eat.

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The average grown man should consume roughly 2200 calories a day. The average female should consume 1900 a day. For someone who consumes 2200 calories, they would have to consume 1900 calories a day to lose 1-2 pounds a week. This is called a calorie deficit.

Yes, you could eat less than 300 calories and speed up the lose of waist and belly fat, but for an adult to feel healthy and energetic, you should take your time and lose those inches slower.

I wouldn’t recommend cutting any more calories than 300 from your daily intake. Everyone’s daily calorie intake is different because we all eat different foods and have different metabolism speeds. Some of us may even be gaining weight right now.

Calorie intake

The best way to find your calorie intake is to track the foods you are eating. An easy way to do this is to use an app called MyFitnessPal. This app allows you to track all macros by just scanning the bar code on the packet of food for free.

If you are unsure about your calorie intake and want to learn more then read to get a better understanding. Having a general understanding of how the body loses waist and belly fat is important, It will speed up the process and make those inches disappear quicker.

If you feel like you have a slow metabolism don’t worry, typically later on in life it will speed up and usually become the opposite of what it used to be. However, having a slow metabolism is not a valid excuse for gaining weight and there are many things that can be done about it. Foods such as soda, fast food, and alcohol all slow down your metabolism. Alcohol affects the liver, which is also a critical organ for losing weight.

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What foods should you eat to lose those inches of waist fat?

So, as I mentioned earlier it’s not what you eat it’s how much you eat. Let me explain, if you consume 500 calories of rice or 500 calories of ice cream, it’s the same number of calories so it will make you gain the same amount of weight.

It’s kind of like that saying which weighs heavier, a pound of feathers or a pound of bricks? 500 calories of rice is obviously going to fill you up more and with higher fibre content, it will give you more energy and nutritional value.

However, this is still something you should take into consideration when dieting, it lets you be able to still have those small sugary snacks like a biscuit with your cup of tea. YES, your still on a diet though, so don’t go overboard and make sure you’re still eating those natural whole foods to keep your energy levels up. You’re still on a diet. Just by cutting 300 calories from your daily intake, you can lose 1-2 pounds a week.

Where to start

So, how do you lose those inches of belly and waist fat? Think of how many times a day you have BBQ sauce or mayonnaise on the side with your meals. Just one tablespoon of mayonnaises could contain up to 70 calories. Many of these side dressings and sauces have a pretty high-calorie count. So, there’s the first food habit you can cut out or just cut down on.

Putting sugars in your tea or coffee can be another handy way to lose weight. Since I started losing weight, I have had zero sugar in my coffees. Cutting down on little things like this is going to be the easiest way to lose weight. Just eating 1 quarter less of a portion of food at a sitting will help you find your correct calorie deficit.

How much exercise per day to lose your love handles…

On average, a 180-pound person can burn 100 calories per mile of walking. That’s an easy way to burn calories. 3 miles could technically burn 300 calories which would be enough to put you in the calorie deficit to burn 1-2 pounds a week. This may not translate into losing inches of waist and belly fat, however, over a matter of a few weeks and you will see a visible difference.

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Running five miles a day isn’t an attractive idea. Less is sometimes more. Always start small and work your way up. If you have been living a lazy lifestyle and not moving much you are at risk of hurting yourself.

A big sign that you are doing too much cardio is when you get pains in your knees. If you get these pains, then slow down and do less. Another problem when you do too much cardio is losing muscle instead of fat. 3 30 minute cardio/Walking sessions a week is more than enough and is what I recommend.

Cardio doesn’t have to be done at the gym, you can walk anywhere at any time. Even try making new habits like parking further away from your work and walking the rest. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

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Weightlifting for weight loss

Weightlifting is a great way to lose inches of belly and waist fat fast and is probably my favourite way to lose weight. From my experience, it is possible to put on muscle and lose weight when you start weightlifting. A higher volume of reps when lifting will act as a form of cardio and will tone your muscles up. 15-20 reps with light weight is an excellent place to start.

You should aim to lift till failure. So, find the correct weight for you and make sure you can achieve 15-20 reps. However, to get strong and build some muscle 2-6 reps of heavier weights will be your goal. If you want to build muscle and bulk up, you are in the wrong article, The best bodybuilding posts, tips, and tricks can be found at Healthline.

Targeting full-body exercises like squats, bench presses and deadlifts are going to burn the most calories. If you are new to the gym, you should 100 percent do your research first. From personal experience, I shredded 3 stones of fat, lost all my belly fat and inches of waist fat from weightlifting, and even gained a little muscle.

Losing weight and building muscle at the same time

Everyone asks the question ”can I lose weight and gain muscle at the same time”. While there are mixed opinions on this, I believe that any form of exercise that raises your heart rate will burn calories and therefore make you gradually lose those inches of waste fat you’ve been carrying. The only thing that can stop you from gaining muscle is not eating enough protein, carbs, and fats. This is only my opinion so don’t take it too seriously. You always tackle one goal at a time. Focus on losing waist and belly fat first, after you shred those inches off, you can then divert your attention to getting bigger and stronger.


Paying for workout plans and subscriptions is a ridiculous idea in my opinion. All of the information that you need to know is totally free. You can find it online through various sources like YouTube videos. It is crucial that you know what you are doing if you are weightlifting. Many serious injuries can happen if it is not done correctly. I cannot stress enough how important it is to stay motivated. Losing inches of your waist and belly fat is not going to be easy. The only person who can screw this up is you. Stay determined, motivated, and persistent.


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