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How to make an exercise plan

Many of us have found ourselves at the gym before walking around aimlessly and sitting down on random machines for a few minutes. There is the option of course of hiring a personal trainer. However, they can be quite expensive. Per session some trainers charge up to $40. No one wants to spend this amount of money at the gym and it can be hard to setup workouts in your busy schedule. So, the best way around this is to create your own exercise plan.

Why you need a plan

As I already mentioned in the introduction, we have all found ourselves wandering around the gym. This is pointless.

First of all, gyms are not free. My local gym costs $15 just for a day pass. You don’t want to be throwing your money around just to waste it. It’s important to make the most of it.

The second reason is how a schedule helps you. There will be a lot of days that you don’t want to go to the gym. When you have a straight plan in your mind, then you can mentally prepare yourself in advance. This doesn’t make it feel quite as painful when you walk through the door.

The third reason why you should create an exercise plan is because it can actually improve your workouts. If you build the right gym routine, then your body will have time to warm up.

How to build the perfect exercise plan

It’s not easy for me to give you a step by step guide for when you walk into the gym. The truth is that your workout will have to evolve around you.

The problem is I don’t know you. But I can share these few helpful points with you.

A workout plan you enjoy

There’s no point in creating an exercise plan that you don’t enjoy. Your not going to enjoy going to the gym every day. So, I recommend you only involve exercise into your workout schedule that you enjoy doing. This way you won’t dread going to the gym.

Giving your body time to rest

Having dedicated days to certain body parts is very important. For example, if you trained legs on Monday, you should train them again no sooner than Thursday. This is because you do not want to over train any of your body parts.

This is my own personal workout schedule.

Day 1Chest and triceps
Day 2Shoulders and arms
Day 3 Back, abs and legs
Day 4Rest day
Then repeat the schedule

As you can see, after training every body part, I then rest them for 3 days. From experience, I can tell you that if you do over train your muscles, then you will suffer from fatigue and muscle loss. It will essentially have the opposite effect that you are trying to achieve. So, it is essential to give your body 3 days minimum to recover.

Be reasonable

The third piece of advice I can give you to help create an exercise plan is to start slow. It’s totally irresponsible to get under a 300 pound squat on your first day at the gym. Progress is always slow but trust me it will be worth it.

I recommend the first thing you do is find your comfort zone. This means do an exercise until you start to feel uncomfortable. Once you find your comfort zone, all you have to do is that little bit more. You really don’t have to be dripping with sweat after every set.

What do you want to achieve?

The fourth and final tip I can give you is this. Decide what you want to achieve. This is very important. There’s no point in going to the gym and training to be a power lifter while you want to lose weight.

Maybe you just want to get fit, but always stick to an exercise plan that supports your goal.

Building the perfect workout schedule

For some people working out is actually the easy bit, it’s finding the time to go to the gym. So, here’s a few easy ways you can fit a workout session into your schedule.

The first thing that I want to prepare you for is not being lazy. Some people are slow in the morning and don’t feel like doing anything. But your holding yourself back. No matter whether it’s nine o’clock in the morning or nine o’clock at night, get up and go to the gym.

Here’s a quote I seen that might help motivate you. “What are you doing bro, why are you sat there whinging about situations that are going on in your life. The situations that happen, you are capable of changing” Demondean (TikTok)

Another tip I can share with you is to look out for opportunities during the day. For example, if you have to drop your kids of at school in the morning, then why not drop into the gym.

If you search hard enough, you will find gaps in your day to fit in a trip to the gym to execute your exercise plan. After that, you can start to build a workout schedule for every day of the week.

A big change you could make is cutting out unnecessary activities during your day. Wasting time during the day is something everybody does, and it’s the reason why I started this blog.

However, if you find that you are doing something that you or other people are not benefiting from, then stop. Stop and hit the gym.


So in conclusion, only you can really build the perfect exercise plan and workout schedule. Unfortunately, I don’t know you, your goals, or your schedule. However, it’s not going to be hard to create an exercise plan. Just stick to the points we mentioned above. Pick exercises you enjoy, dedicate a day to each muscle group, stay within reason, and pick a workout that supports your end goal. If you stick to these simple tips then you will have no problem with creating the perfect exercise and workout plan to fit into your busy schedule.


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