Is Zolli candy the healthy alternative that you need?-review

Everyone loves to eat candy. There’s no one in the world who can deny that candy tastes good. However, sometimes it can taste too good and we can’t contain ourselves, especially children. This leads to us bingeing on our favourite sugary sweets. So, what if there was a healthy alternative? Well, Zolli candy has taken it upon themselves to rise to this challenge and become the healthy alternative to candy. So, I had to review of Zolli candy and figure out what it is all about.

What is it?

Zolli ball pops with white back round

Zolli candy defines itself as being fun delicious candy that everyone can enjoy. This might just be the brand that the world needs. The company was actually created by a 14-year-old girl called Alina Morse. There is plenty of information online from various sources such as Forbes, who have also published in-depth reviews of zolli candy. She also created and made all of the delicious products and has made over 6 million US dollars. They offer a wide range of sweets. Everything from Zolli drops, peanut butter cups, taffy, caramels, gummies, and other candy’s that are all keto-friendly and gluten-free. Whatever you are into you can find on their store. The only thing that you will not find on their store is any form of healthy caffeine beverage.

Is Zolli candy truly the healthy alternative?

The truth is no, sweets and candies do not belong in anyone’s diet. You shouldn’t be eating them at all. However, if you do eat sugary candies all day long, then yes you should convert to Zolli candy and I am about to prove to you in this review why.

Health benefits and macros

Zolli pops nutritional facts

For the purpose of this review, we will look at the macros in one of zolli candy’s best-selling products, the Ball pops assorted fruits. These tasty lollipops have a total of 12 calories. If you look at the nutritional facts on the back of the packaging, it’s hard to find what’s actually in them. Mainly the Lollipops consist of sugar alcohol. Sugar alcohol comes from sugar. It is typically less sweet than normal sugar, however, it contains fewer calories. It is proven to be better because it does not affect the body’s blood sugar level or directly induce tooth decay. Other ingredients may include artificial sweeteners.

Don’t let artificial sweeteners put you off these treats. No one really believed that a lollipop could actually be healthy. These treats do not promote health. Instead, they promote a low-calorie healthier option. Most lollipops would contain around 50 calories when you compare this to the 12 calories in Zolli candy version. It’s a no-brainer. There really isn’t any substantial protein or carbohydrates from these treats.

Conclusion: Is zolli candy a healthy alternative?

Yes, if you compare any major sweet chain with Zolli candy you will clearly see which one is the better option. Sweets are not a meal and your body doesn’t actually need them at all. However, there are so many people out there that are addicted to sugar. If you are one of these people then you definitely need these healthy alternatives. It may be slightly less sweet, however, it will half your calorie consumption and it does not have the terrible side effects that regular sugar has. Best of yet, all of their products are gluten-free and keto friendly and still taste like candy. Follow the links in this post to get 20% off in the Zolli candy store. Thanks for taking the time to read our review of zolli candy.


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