KG Physio dumbbells review

Many people are starting to fill their homes with gym equipment. Having a gym membership can be very costly and many people don’t last very long. Working out at home is a much more convenient and cheaper option. However, what gym equipment do you need to workout? A full workout achieved with only using dumbbells, yes. The easiest, cheapest, and most convenient place to get your dumbbells is amazon. So, I bought a pair of Kg physio dumbbells, after a week of use and trailing and reviewing them. I thought I’d sum it up in this short article.

Specs: What do you get from Kg physio?

There are a lot of different options to pick from. You can choose just about any amount of weight that you like.

I recommend getting the 5-kilogram set of 2, this consists of a set of 2 individual Kg physio dumbbells that are a pair, and just happened to be the ones that I reviewed.

5-kilograms is enough weight to perform an effective workout for a newbie. You might think that 5 kilograms is a little heavy however, over time the more you use your dumbbells you will progress and get stronger.

A pair of 5 Kilo Kg physio dumbbells, one propped up on the other

Is it worth getting a Kg physio set of dumbbells?

In a conclusion of this review, yes, Kg physio dumbbells are 100% worth it. You can perform a full and effective workout using them.

All of the basic exercises like squats, chest presses, overhead presses, and shoulders can be achieved. You can even get some resistance bands such as Gritins or Stroop’s to help you have a more diverse workout.

There are also a lot of advantages to having your own dumbbells at home rather than at the gym.

Besides, a gym membership can cost anywhere from $10 a month to $30 a month. The dumbbells above only cost $45. After reviewing this, a set of kg physio dumbbells are obviously a lot cheaper in both the long and short run.

When new people start to go to the gym they believe that they have to have a personal trainer. This is incorrect. All of the information you need to know is available online for free.

There are so many different YouTubers that have built careers by just sharing their knowledge and expertise in their videos, such as Gravity transformation.

Another huge advantage of having your own gym equipment is how much time it saves. For some people, it can take 30 mins to get to the gym. once you’ve workout and driven home it can take up a few hours.

Finally, with your own set of dumbbells, you can bang out a quick workout anytime you want. It only takes around 20-30 mins a day to perform an effective workout.

After using the kg physio dumbbells, I would like to conclude this review by using 3 words. Cheap, convenient, effective.

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