Kuli Kuli moringa powder review

Kuli Kuli is an online store and brand specializing in supplements that boost the body’s performance. With so many different brands and products online it’s hard to know which one is actually going to benefit your body or just take your money. However, don’t worry, A few weeks ago I bought, trailed and tested Kuli Kuli moringa powder to write this in-depth review to see if this is truly a good natural caffeine source that has the ingredients to benefit your body.

What is moringa powder?

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Moringa powder comes from the moringa plant which is native to India and a few other countries.

The plants highly valued in those countries as it’s packed with valuable nutrition. It’s full of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre. A lot of the plants quality’s are compared to matcha.

All of this nutrition is essential for allowing the human body to thrive.

Kuli Kuli has introduced their own version of this amazing plant on it’s online store in order to sell it to the masses.

But, are the health benefits of Kuli Kuli moringa powder actually worth it?

Benefits of kuli kuli moringa powder

I conducted a lot of research in preparation of this review, kuli kuli moringa powder has a lot of health benefits, most people class it as a superfood. It has even been known as a good natural caffeine source.

  • Can be used to boost the health of your lungs, liver, kidneys, and heart.
  • This supplement is full of antioxidants (which stop your body from creating new fat cells and protect you from free radicals)
  • An organic caffeine (energy) source
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Will boost your body’s overall health
  • One of the best organic superfood supplements
  • This company has planted over 25000 trees, kept 3200 livelihoods supported, and generated 5.2 million for farmers, and helped absorb 300-900 tons of CO2
Moringa nutrients vs matcha and kale,

Is moringa powder the best superfood supplement available?

This is a difficult question to answer. So many superfood supplements exist with different benefits. Most of these superfood supplement ingredients come from raw food.

For example, a very popular supplement is beetroot powder. Beetroots form the bulk of ingredients. However, it does have a few different health benefits.

The only way to answer this important question that we came to review, is by concluding if kuli kuli moringa powder ingredients are superfoods that will benefit your body.

To make it simple for you yes it is. This natural organic superfood provides your body with a bigger amount of nutrition than most fruits and vegetables. The ingredients in kuli kuli moringa powder actually have more iron, fibre, protein, and calcium than kale.

I can confidently say after trailing and reviewing it that kuli kuli moringa powder is the best or at least one of the best organic superfood supplements available, that will also benefit your body by provide you with a natural caffeine source, vitamins, and minerals with it’s natural ingredients.

This brand as a company has done some fantastic things. Simply by purchasing products from the company you are helping these great causes.

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Does it taste good?

This is always the most important question for me. Does it taste good? To be completely honest. While I was reviewing and testing kuli kuli’s moringa powder, I did not enjoy the taste of the ingredients.

However, what did you expect? kuli kuli moringa powder is a healthy drink, it exists with the purpose of providing your body with health benefits.

Please read the directions to use as you are told how to prepare the drink probably and sweeten it with agave or honey which improves the taste drastically.

When and how to take

Your recommended to only take this once a day. Here are the directions for use:

Heat milk on the stove until boiling. Once boiling then turn off the heat and thoroughly stir moringa throughout until the milk begins to froth. You can then sweeten it to taste with agave or honey.

Conclusion: Is Kuli Kuli moringa powder the best superfood supplement?

To sum up this review, yes, this is a fantastic supplement, kuli kuli moringa powder is made with natural ingredients that offer a lot of benefis.

Not only will this provide your body with the vitamins and minerals that it needs but it will also give you the natural energy you need to have a productive day.

Price wise this supplement is relatively cheap. It only costs $29.99 for 0.3 kilograms. Some supplement brands owned by fitness influencers may charge you up to $50 dollars for their product.

While examining and reviewing, I realised you can get 15% off if you subscribe to kuli kuli’s newsletter to get updates about moringa powder and other products.

Please don’t forget all of the amazing things that this company has done, such as supporting 3200 livelihoods and helping absorb 300-900 tons of CO2.

I would recommend you start taking Moringa powder once a day in order to boost your body’s everyday performance.


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