3 bottles of liquid gym chalk in 50ml, 100ml, and 250ml size, with emp

Liquid chalk review | Amazon

Liquid chalk is a great idea. If you have ever gotten chalk on your clothes, in your eye, or all over your belongings then you’ll understand. In this modern day and age everything seems to come from amazon, including my Kg physio dumbbells. It just happens to be where I got my liquid chalk, after trailing and reviewing it for 2 months, I thought I’d write this review.

What is the purpose of gym chalk?

Liquid chalk is meant to be the easier and cleaner option of regular chalk. However, it still serves the same purpose of regular chalk.

I’m not reviewing blackboard chalk, I’m talking about liquid gym chalk that you find in the corner of your gym and all over the barbells and on the floor.

So, what is the purpose of chalk? Gym chalk acts as a none slip grip. While working out you will find your palms getting sweaty. This isn’t an annoying problem. However, if you are under a barbell trying to press 100kg the last thing you want is your hands to slip.

If your hands do slip it can change your grip and effect your form, or even worse. You could very easily slip and drop the weight on your chest or head.

Using chalk for a lift is definitely a good idea, and I would recommend it. Especially for safety reasons.

Liquid chalk vs regular chalk

I’ve reviewed both types of chalk and in my opinion, liquid chalk is a lot better.

Why? Because it makes a lot less mess. Liquid chalk sticks to your hand a lot better. This means when you are under a barbell you won’t get loose chalk falling on your face and getting in your eyes.

It also makes a lot less mess. If regular gym chalk gets on your clothes you will not get it of. When you try to rub it of with your hand it only adds to the problem. You end up leaving big white hand prints on your clothes.

A pair of hands and forearms, with their palms covered in gym chalk, and a tattoo on the right forearm

What is the best liquid chalk?

I’ve tried lots of different types of chalks. In my unbiased opinion, It’s this one.

I bought this liquid chalk from amazon about 2 months ago. Not only has it last a long time but it was also very cheap.

For £9.95 I bought 50ml of this chalk and have used it every time I go to the gym. It has lasted a long time. I only have to use about 100th of the bottle on my hands and it last the whole gym session.

This chalk really does stick to your hand.

Conclusion of review

Chalk is very necessary in the gym, especially if you are lifting heavy weight. Not only can it improve your form, but it will help you grip the bar and make it safer.

After two months of trailing and reviewing the liquid chalk I bought from amazon, I can confidently say it is a lot better than regular loose chalk. If you want to get this liquid chalk to improve your grip and keep you safe under a barbell, then simply follow the links in this post.

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