Mantra Matcha as a coffee alternative-review?

Coffee is probably one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Despite the fact that it tastes good and gives you a pick-me-up, it can be quite unhealthy. So, what is the solution to coffee? Well, there are quite a few healthy coffee alternatives out there. However, the most highly recommended has always been matcha. The best Matcha tea blend is made by Mantra Matcha. So, is mantra matcha a healthy coffee alternative? Read our full mantra matcha review to find out.

Why is Mantra the best? Well, it’s really quite simple. Not only do you get a healthy warm beverage that will give your body the boost it needs but at no further expense to you, Mantra Matcha will send a whole meal to the no-hungry kid organization in order to feed a starving child. This is a brilliant idea that can benefit everybody. Not many companies have the kindness in their hearts to do a thing like this.

What is Mantra Matcha & how can it benefit you

Matcha is a drink that comes from eastern Asia. It’s traditionally made by grinding green tea leaves into a powder. However, these green tea plants are typically grown in the shade and harvested roughly a month before they are ripe. The stems of the plants are removed before the process of grinding them into a powder and reviewed by specialists to see if it is high enough quality to be added to a product like Mantra matcha.

Is mantra matcha a good coffee alternative

Mantra makes it very clear on their webpage what the benefits of its body-boosting tea are.

  • Provides Steady Energy Without the Crash
  • Increases Focus, Concentration, & Mental Acuity
  • Boosts Metabolism & Helps Burn Calories
  • High in Nutrients, Minerals, and Antioxidants will help your body get rid of fat cells and lower the risk of heart attacks.

Is this a healthy coffee alternative?

Yes, any matcha tea blend is substantially healthier than drinking coffee or energy drinks. While I was creating his review, I dived deep into analysing both coffee and Mantra Matcha. The average cup of coffee may contain 90mg of caffeine. This Mantra Matcha blend has around 40mg of caffeine. You may be losing a few mg of caffeine. However, the benefits massively out way the negatives. You get way more nutrients from this healthy beverage. All of those healthy vitamins and minerals inside Matcha helps you stay energized all day naturally, help you lose weight, and help with mental clarity and concentration. Any doctor or dietician would review the ingredients in Mantra Matcha and recommend drinking it as a healthy caffeine alternative to coffee or traditional tea.

Why you should convert from coffee

Despite coffee being a highly consumed product all around the world, it does have a lot of negative health effects. If you drink this beverage you may already be suffering from headaches, insomnia, dehydration, and an increased heart rate. These points don’t sound very dangerous, however, do not take them lightly. Dehydration can be very serious, even if you only slightly suffer from this it can affect your body’s performance drastically. You’ll notice a lack of concentration and feel light-headed. Stained teeth and bad breath can also be annoying side effects. Mantra matcha makes the perfect coffee alternative.

Strawberry Lemon flavour mantra matcha
Is this the best Matcha tea blend?

In conclusion of our review, Mantra matcha’s tea blend is one of the best out there. Nothing makes you feel as good as knowing that you gave something back to the world. With every order of tea, this company sends a meal to the no-hungry kid organization. Coffee is great, but it comes with a lot of negatives, this is definitely the best alternative to coffee out there.

Price wise this Matcha tea blend is quite cheap. With a quick calculation, I figured out that every cup from a mantra matcha packet will cost $0.83, after reviewing this, it was obvious to me that this is a lot cheaper than buying a crate of pods for your coffee machine at your local supermarket.

All of the health benefits you get from this healthy caffeine alternative will boost your body and turn it into a motivated energized machine. This is a must-have if you care about your body’s health. It’s time you go and get the best Matcha tea blend in the world and stop drinking coffee. Follow the links in this post to donate at no further expense to you to the no-hungry kid organization and enjoy a healthy warm beverage from Mantra Matcha.

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