Miracle noodles review

So many different foods brands are constantly popping up. Many people are also starting to choose to get their groceries online. There are some products that  haven’t made it into a store yet. Well, today I came across a brand called Miracle noodle, they claim to have angel hair noodles that only have 5 calories a serving (85 grams) I had to take a closer look and review the product and recipe.

2 packets of angel hair on the left, with 2 packs of luttuccine on the right, and 2 packets of plant based miracle rice on the bottom, in front of white background.

What you need to know about Miracle noodles | Vegans!!!

Miracle noodles can be consumed by just about anybody, no matter what sort of diet you have. They are plant-based, this might not guarentee that they are vegan-friendly but they are certainly vegetarian-friendly. There even gluten-free.

The only people who I cannot recommend these noodles to is any one who is trying to bulk up and put on weight.

Important: If you are a strict vegan you may have to look into some specific ingredients in different products. For example, Miracle noodles angel hair is made with flour, citric acid, and water, here’s why you should review the ingredients. Flour is vegan, however, some mass produced flours include none vegan ingredients. I recommend you contact Miracle noodles at support@miraclenoodle.com

These noodles are perfect for people on a ketogenic diet, the majority of their noodles are very low in calories and carbs. This is also great for weight loss.

How their made

Miracle noodles angel hair Recipe is pretty impressive, for the purpose of this review I only wanted to focus on one product, Angel hair.

It only involves the most basic ingredients. Water, konjac flour, and citric acid. These are the only three ingredients in the recipe for angel hair.

Citric acid is definitely the one ingredient that stands out. It doesn’t sound terribly healthy. Miracle noodle says that ”Citric acid is not in the noodles but in the water, rinsing the noodles will get rid of it”

Citric acid actually comes up in our diet more than you probably know. It is in a lot of fruits like lemons and limes and it naturally occurs in nature. This acid is organic, it is not made in a factory, and doesn’t pose any threat to your body.

What is Shirataki

While reading their website for this review I noticed that Miracle noodle commonly referrers to their products as shirataki.

So, what is shirataki? Shirataki noodles are a type of Japanese food. They are made out of only water and konjac flour.

These noodles have a very distinctive look. Shirataki actually translates to a white waterfall. They were gave this name as that is what they resemble.

How can miracle noodles noodles benefit you?

As I have mentioned earlier in this review, per serving of Miracle noodle angel hair, you only consume 5 calories. This is nothing, these noodles are not something that you can live off.

Just take a look at the nutritional facts of the Shirataki angel hair.

Miracle noodle angel hair nutritional facts

You hardly get any nutrition at all from them. The only nutrients you get are 3 grams of carbs, 2 grams of dietary fibre, and 20 mg of calcium.

If you are a gym goer, then I recommend that you take an organic protein supplement with a natural carb source to get your full macros in for the day.

If you’re not eating a meal to fuel your body then why are you eating it?

They kill a craving. If you are anything like me then you love savoury foods. These noodles are great for killing a late-night craving. They have just about zero calories so you can eat as much as you want and as often as you want.

They can also add volume to a meal. Miracle noodles will give you a more full satisfied feeling for a lot longer, this is a good point to take away from this review.

These noodles are a complete hack if you are on a diet. With zero calories you can eat as much as you want without having to worry about overeating. They really have little to no impact on your body’s weight.

The only sustenance your body gets is fibre. Many people lack fibre in their diet so this might be a good benefit for you.

How important is fibre

Fibre is an important part of our diets and it’s typically something that goes over looked. Most of the foods that we enjoy eating lack fibre. So, what’s this doing to us.

You probably already know that fibre will help your bowel movements. This is a healthy thing. It can prevent you from being uncomfortable and constipated.

Foods with a higher fibre content usually are packed with other health benefits. For example, fruit is full of fibre and as we all know fruit is also full of vitamins and minerals.

There is also a lot of evidence to suggest that fibre can lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

In a clinical study published by the Lacent, over 40 years of a series of research and systematic reviews on 1000 participants. It was shown that consuming 25-29 grams of fibre a day lowered cardio vascular disease by 15-30%.

It was also shown that eating a high fibre rich diet will reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and even cancer by 16-24%. This study is also believed to of saved the lives of 13 participants, which really shows how important fibre is to your health.

A high fibre may not be the key to living forever. However, it will certainly boost your health and Miracle noodle has plenty of it, just from reviewing and analysing the macros in their angel hair noodles you get 4 grams of fibre per pack.

Where to get Miracle noodles

You can get Miracle noodles from a various amount of locations, including online and in stores.

Many people get the products from Walmart as it is a convenient place to shop.

If you are having trouble finding a store that sells them, then you can go onto their webpage and access the store locater and find the closest store to you. From using the store locator I was able to see that the majority of stores that you can get these products in are located close to New Hampshire.

If you live no where near New Hampshire, don’t worry. You can find most of their products on Amazon. Many people are starting to use Amazon as a place to get food, and it’s easy to see why. It’s convenient.

I actually got my miracle noodles from Amazon, the shipping time took longer than expected, however, I was still happy to receive and review them.

Of course you can also get these products on Miracle noodles website. I recommend using their official webpage as it is a safe, secure, and you can be confident with your purchase. Press the button below to go to their website.

sum up of miracle noodles review

Miracle noodles have a lot of benefits, especially if you are on a diet trying to lose weight. Shirataki noodles may be a new thing to you, however, I recommend you try them. It tastes like regular noodles but yet has fewer calories than a plate of salad.

To conclude this review in a few short sentences, If you are on a diet and failing to stay consistent then Miracle noodle may be the miracle that you need. The reason so many people fail in trying to reach their goals is because of themselves. People just can’t maintain a healthy low-calorie diet. This is your opportunity to make your diet tasty and better. Just make sure you stay motivated and consistent.


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