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Promix pre workout review

There are so many different pre workout supplements available online and in stores. Therefore it is practically impossible to decide which one is the best. However, when I found out that Promix had made a pre workout, I had to review it.

This is because, I’ve tried and even written a post on Pro mix’s grass fed whey. From an unbiased opinion, it was pretty much perfect. So, let’s see if their pre workout holds up to standard.

What is pre workout?

Pre workouts do exactly what they say on the tin. You take it before you go to the gym to boost your performance.

Likewise, pre workouts are consumed just like protein powder. Hence, simply mix the powder with approximately 300ml of water or any other liquid.

Some people like to choose an energy drink as their mixer in order to get extra caffeine. In addition to that you can choose something like cranberry juice, which would provide you with some extra carbohydrates.

These types of supplements mainly provide your body with caffeine. Therefore, they help to increase your energy levels and help you have a more focused gym session.

Pro mix pre workout ingredients

Back to the task at hand. Pro mix uses some pretty safe and harm free ingredients. For the purpose of this review, we are only going to look at the ingredients that Promix used in their lemon flavoured pre workout.

Lemon OilYes
Lemon JuiceYes
Lemon ExtractivesYes
Citric AcidYes
Malic AcidYes
Monk FruitYes
Green coffee extractYes
No artificial ingredientsYes
Ingredients may change for different flavours
1 serving of Promix pre workout powder

Don’t be scared of the two acid ingredients in this pre workout. Citric and malic acid are totally organic and do not pose any health threats.

Besides, they can actually add to your health. Accordingly Malic acid is known to boost your skin clarity and texture. Mean while citric acid can help preserve food and can even kill bacteria when it’s used in medicine.

In fact, all of these ingredients are completely natural and organic. This is great because your body has probably already consumed these ingredients before. Therefore, they’ll be easy to digest.

The caffeine in this supplement mostly comes from the green coffee extract. This is actually an impressive caffeine source for a pre workout. Furthermore, its totally natural, organic and healthy.

Please note that ingredients such as lemon oil, juice, and extractives will not be included in different flavours of pro mix’s pre workout.

After reviewing the ingredients that Promix uses, I can confidently say that this is a healthy and performance boosting pre workout.

Effects (nutritional value)

The easiest way for me to show you the effects of this pre workout is with this graph I made.

macros per serving: (9.5 grams)
caffeine200 mg
Vitamin C100%
Beta Alanine3.2 grams
L-Tyrosine3 grams
Taurine1 gram
per serving (9.5g) – 30 servings per container

200 mg of caffeine doesn’t sound like much, and it isn’t. However, when combined with all of the other ingredients it can really wake up your mind and body.

There are also a lot of health benefits associated with these ingredients. But they will not have a major effect on your body’s health. Mainly because they are not substantial enough.

Promix pre workout lemon flavour nutritional facts

What did customers say

Here are a few reviews that were left by consumers of the pre workout left on Promix’s website.

The first customer wrote ”Love this stuff! Doesn’t make me overly tingly and the taste is great. But also not super sugary like a lot of other pre-workouts. As well as, the minimal ingredient list is a major plus! Hence it doesn’t hurt my stomach!

This pre workout being easy to stomach was a recurring line in reviews. From my own experience, I have felt very uncomfortable after consuming a lot of caffeine and other pre workouts.

Pro mix’s pre workout actually doesn’t have very strong effects and since it has such a minimal ingredient list, it’s easy to stomach. Your body has probably consumed these ingredients before. However, it’s just strong enough to wake you up.

Another customer left this review on Promix’s website ”Great flavoured pre workout, not any like this in the market

This is another good point about the product. Furthermore it’s rare to find such unique flavours of pre workout. For example, you can choose between lemon, mixed berry, strawberry lemon, tingle free lemon, cherry lime, and raspberry lemon.


Guidelines are very important when it comes to any pre workout supplement, so let’s quickly review and go over Promix’s recommended guidelines.

Pro mix recommends to take this 20 minutes before a workout or activity.

Mix approximately 1 scoop into 12 ounces/350 ml of water or another liquid of your choice.

In addition, remember you should only take a maximum of 2 scoops a day. This is because if you exceed this amount you may suffer from overloading your body with caffeine.

Benefits of pro mix pre workout

I’ve been taking pre workout for about a year now. The benefits certainly out way any negatives. For the people who have never taken a supplement like this. then this is what you can expect.

Packet of Pro mix pre workout and glass of mixed cherry lime pre workout with a silver spoon, and the sun shining on it

The energy boost is probably the most significant effect and benefit from any pre workout. If you have ever gone to the while being tired then you’ll know how hard it is to have a productive fat burning workout.

Equally important, not all supplements benefit your body’s health. However, Pro mix has actually created a pre workout that does. The health benefits aren’t major but you will definitely be effected by them. Keep in mind, all of the ingredients used are organic and natural.


Promix is a brand that I love, So I tried not to be biased in this review of their pre workout. But this is because they always use organic and natural ingredients.

Many people just buy the cheapest supplement available. Besides, most of the time people don’t even know what their consuming. Pro mix is a safe company, you can rest assured that you are getting a high-quality product for your money.

To really conclude this review in a few lines, Promix has created a natural pre workout. Compared to other supplements, this one may not be as strong. However, you will still notice the effects and benefit from it. Since there is such a short list of ingredients your body is able to digest it easier.

Stay strong, stay determined, and thanks for reading gym bro


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