Promix protein review-The best organic protein powder

When it comes to protein powders there are many choices. In reality diet is 70% and workout is 30% of achieving your goal. Nothing affects your body more than what you put into it. So, it’s essential that you provide your body with the nutrients that it needs. Read our full promix protein review to find out why. Most people fail in trying to consume the recommended amount of protein per day (1.5g per kg of body weight) with natural whole foods. Therefore people turn to protein powders. So, what is the best organic protein powder? In my opinion, it’s Promix’s. It is very rare to find a whey product that is as organic and as healthy as this one. When I tried and tasted this supplement I knew I had to write a promix’s whey protein review to share to the world what I found.

Organic Promix protein ingredients

Promix protein powder grass fed unflavoured whey

Promix uses grass-fed whey in their supplement. But what does that mean? While writing this review of promix whey protein, I learned that whey comes from the process of making cheese. After the process of making cheese, the curd is then strained. The remaining liquid is called whey and it is packed with essential amino acids. When a cow is provided with natural food like grass, it will absorb some of the nutrients in its milk such as antioxidants and natural fats.

It will also affect the cow’s hormones like estrogen. If a human has high estrogen levels in their body they will not be able to build as much muscle mass. Therefore this is what separates male and female muscle growth. Females have high levels of estrogen and males have higher levels of testosterone (which is a muscle-building hormone).

Promix whey protein uses coconut sugar as a natural sweetener and this is an ingredient that I have come across before while writing reviews. Many coconut sugars are highly processed. However, I was glad to find out while writing this review that Promix protein uses coconut sugar with a lower glycaemic index. this means that it is broken down more slowly by the body. Fruits, vegetables, and porridge also have a low glycaemic index. If you are trying to lose weight than these foods are perfect to incorporate into your diet. Since they are broken down more slowly they will give your body a fuller sensation for longer.

Sunflower lecithin is also added to the product to improve nutrient absorption and blending capability. This organic plant seed is often compared to B vitamins as it promotes very similar benefits such as a healthy nervous system.

The main thing to take away

The most amazing thing about Promix protein powder is what it doesn’t have. This supplement is free of Glyphosate, Gums, Gluten, Soy, Antibiotics, Hormones, GMOs, Fillers, or anything Artificial. Out of all of the protein supplements that I have tried and tested in the past I have never quite seen a supplement as natural as Pro mix.

It may be hard to believe but natural ingredients are not something that are very common in protein supplements. It is also quite unusual for me to get the opportunity to promote a product like this. Promix whey protein really takes the cake compared to other mainstream powders that I have used and reviewed.

Promix whey protein Macronutrients

This is the most important part of our review of Promix whey protein. Per serving of this whey supplement, you consume 135 calories of nutrition. Which consists of,

Promix whey protein powder nutritional facts
  • 25 grams of protein
  • 7 grams of carbohydrates (5 grams of which are coconut sugar)
  • Total fat 1.5 grams (0.5 grams saturated)
  • 45mg of cholesterol
  • 120mg of sodium
  • 0 grams of fibre

Promix whey protein powder offers a standard amount of nutrients. I say standard because if we compare this to a more mainstream supplement like whey gold standard they offer a similar amount of nutrients. However, if you have been reading this Promix whey protein review carefully, you’ll know that pro mix uses the rawest whey and ingredients that are more organic and natural which makes the product healthier for the human body.

Amino acids

Amino acids are essential for muscle growth. They consist of molecules that together form proteins. But what are they? Amino acids are the left overs in your body after it breaks down protein. These acids then help to make more proteins and break them down for the body’s consumption. It is amazing how many take whey supplements and have heard of amino acids but do not know what it actually is. I hope you learned something about whey supplements from reading my promix whey protein review.

  • Alanine 1100
  • Arginine 600
  • Aspartic Acid 3100
  • Cystine 200
  • Glutamic Acid 4700
  • Glycine 500
  • Histidine 400
  • Hydroxyproline 300
  • Isoleucine 1500
  • Leucine 3000
  • Lysine 2300
  • Methionine 600
  • Phenylalanine 800
  • Proline 1900
  • Serine 1400
  • Threonine 2100
  • Tryptophan 500
  • Tyrosine 800
  • Valine 1400

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) have a total of 5.9 grams. Which is more than most protein supplements. This is another valid reason to call Promix whey protein powder the best organic protein powder.

When and how to use

Even though this is a review of how good promix protein is, I wanted to show you the instructions and guidelines that you need to know before consuming this whey product. The majority of people have their own way to use protein supplements. Most people like to incorporate the powder into cereal, smoothies, porridge, or into cooking. There is an endless amount of ways to use and take this organic supplement. It’s recommended by Promix themselves to mix 2 scoops of Promix whey protein powder with 12-16 oz of water or milk. You can use just about any mixer you want. Personally, I like to use cranberry juice to make it taste sweet and therefore more enjoyable.

Another important note that tends to go over looked is that protein supplements don’t magically make you lose weight or build muscle. To do that you must stay motivated and determined. It can be a very long process. However, it is very achievable.

Conclusion: Why this is the best organic protein powder

In conclusion of my promix protein review, this is one of the best organic whey protein powders available. Promix has really done all that they can in order to give you the rawest and most organic whey protein supplement. You have the option of choosing between six flavours. They are unflavoured, vanilla, peanut butter, raw chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, and one whey ingredient.

Personally, my favourite flavour is raw chocolate. I recommend mixing it with 150ml of cranberry juice, this gives it a sweet taste. This supplement may cost a little bit more than other whey products, however, it is most certainly worth it. It costs 49 dollars but if you subscribe to Promix you can save 10% on your purchase, get a free water bottle, have a supplement delivered to you monthly, get free shipping, and VIP rewards. If you want to get this organic, hormone-free, health-promoting protein powder with no artificial additives then just simply follow the links in this post.


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