Raw spice bar subscription box review-2023

Typically, when you’re on a diet, all you have to eat are foods you would never crave. Some people attempt to season their foods with salt and pepper. However, this doesn’t actually add that much flavour. It’s hard to pick out the perfect herbs and spices from the supermarket’s shelves and it’s hard to know what seasonings to put in your meal to allow maximum flavour. After a while, they all start to look and smell the same. However, there may be an answer. Over the past week I have been researching Raw spice bar to conduct this review and present it to you. It’s time to learn how to season food and how to make an easy homemade healthy meal with the raw spice bar healthy subscription box.

Raw spice bar chilli sazon blend with two bowls of chilli

If you are eating plain food everyday your body will start to crave sweet and savoury snacks. Raw spice bar healthy subscription box can change up your weight loss tactic and let you explore new tastes and flavours in your own cuisine dishes.

What do you get from Raw spice bar?

You can either pay $12 a month for a subscription or use the website as an online store to purchase your favourite seasonings. With a subscription, you get to pick out your favourite seasonings and receive them in the mail once a month. While I researching Raw spice bar, I only had the opportunity to trial and review the seasonings from the store.

Seasonings made from the highest quality ingredients. Each item is blended and packaged by hand to ensure that they carry a personal touch of quality.

All of these spices are native to different parts of the world. All high-quality ingredients carefully blended together.

There are multiple different raw spice bar subscription plans you can subscribe to. You can get a monthly, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and annual subscription, it only costs $12 a month, which is very cheap. I recommend you start with a monthly plan to see if it suits you. Or even better, I recommend that you have a look in the Raw spice bar store and pick out a few products that you can cook and review by yourself. You also have the option of choosing a vegetarian plan.

But wait, there’s more

You can even send a package of seasonings as a gift. You are able to sign up to a monthly subscription or even send a box of seasonings as a gift with the use of a gift card. The gift card values are $30, $60, $90, and $120. This is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys cooking or who is struggling to stick to a healthy diet. Everyone has a friend who can’t cook, this is the perfect opportunity to teach them how to season their food.

Quality is really guaranteed with the Raw spice bar subscription box, while trailing, testing, and reviewing their products, I was amazed at the effort that they put into making them.

They have been in the spice subscription services for a long time and have been providing customers with quality spices and seasonings since 2014. Raw spice bar has even been credited by major platforms, such as the Washington posts, Bon appetite, and Kitchn, who have also published their own reviews.

Raw spice bar sazon blend, beside a bowl of rice and

What sort of seasonings do you get?

There are so many different spices it’s hard to name them all. However, just to name a few Berbere spice blend, chili starter pack, Sazon blend, Herbs de Provence, and sweet Carolina dry rub. All of these spices are not only packed with flavour but are sourced from diverse cultures around the world. Each blend is mixed and packaged by hand in small batches from sources with the highest standards in environmental stewardship.


Anybody can spice up their cooking skills and learn how to season their food with a this subscription. Even if you have never cooked before you can still learn some exciting and delicious recipes from the Raw spice bar blog.

I have to come clean ad admit I did follow the recipes in the Raw spice bar blog, and after reviewing and tasting them. I can say that they are pretty good.

This is also perfect for anyone who is on a diet. No one enjoys eating bland natural foods, it’s just not human nature. These spices will incorporated into your meals to change their tastes.

This can even make you healthier by motivateing you to start eating healthier foods that are homemade. This is also a perfect gift. You can now sign up for a monthly gift subscription or send someone a gift card, that goes up to the value of $120.


You may have to try a few different spices and variations to really find your favourite. Of Course, this will cost you a little bit of money, but you still have the same issue if you go to your local supermarket.

What do their customers say?

Out of 309 reviews left on Raw spice bar, customers and consumers rated it 4.5 stars. Customers show praise for the product.

One person saidMy dad purchased the 12-month sub for me as part of my Christmas present since I love cooking and trying new things. We always use the recipe that it comes with first and then try our own because they provide you with enough spice for 2-3 meals!”

There are a handful of 1-star ratings. Most of these poor ratings are based on the communication between the company and the customer. Some people tried to cancel a subscription and were to some degree ignored. However, the customer support team has replied to these comments and promised that they would fix it.

What is the Blend Box?

I haven’t tasted all of the seasonings inside of the Raw spice bar blend box, however, from reading customer reviews I found out all of this.

The Sweet and savoury blend box is a separate product of spicey blends and herbs. This blend box is consisting of 3 different pouches of seasonings. Unlike the subscription pack, this blend box is designed for adding a bit more flavour and spice to your morning. You can

Raw spice bar Bland box, with seasonings and pictures

make some delicious breakfasts like the Lebkuchen Waffles, candied bacon, or back-for-seconds frittata. All of these recipes can be found on the Raw spice bar blog and can be made with the 3 carefully blended seasonings found inside your healthy subscription box. The sweet and savoury blend box is the perfect gift for the foodie in your life, or for yourself. Everyone needs to start their day right and wake up to a tasty healthy meal.

Conclusion; Bottom of raw spice bar review

Raw spice bar is so much better than other spice subscription brands. The subscription services has been proven to be the better choice by major platforms like Kitchn, Bon Appetit, and even the Washington Post.

They are also ahead of the competition on price. For 12 US dollars a month you can pick and choose between all your favourite spices. I along with Washington Posts, Kitchn, and Bon Appetit’s reviews, encourage you to get your Raw spice bar subscription now.

It’s time to stop eating your boring bland food and learn how to season your meals. If you need help or cooking inspiration, visit the Raw spice bars blog.

Shipping: Raw spice bar can ship worldwide. All packages shipped from the USA. Delivery time will vary on your location.


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