3 RDX weight lifting belts on top of each other, First on showing the buckle and holes, second showing the RDX logo, and the last one stretched out on the bottom

RDX weight lifting belt review | Amazon

Weight lifting belts are great. Not only do they save your back but they can actually boost your performance. Ever since I started using a weight lifting belt, my deadlift increased by 10 kilos. However, some belts can be pretty expensive. The weight lifting belt I chose was the RDX belt, I thought I sum it up in a short review.

But first let’s talk about how a belt improved my gym performance.

How the RDX belt can improved my performance

I’ve been using and reviewing the RDX powerlifting belt for about 3 months. Every time I go to the gym I feel I have to wear it.

This is because the very first leg session I did while using the belt, my PR deadlift went from 100kg to 110kg.

How did this happen?

When you are wearing a belt it keeps your back straight. Therefore, this helps with form and eradicates lower back pain. For the people who don’t already know, form is one of the most important parts of a lift.

The second reason why the belt helped me was because it reduced the stress on my lower back. While performing any heavy left there will be a lot of pressure on your lower back. In addition to that, it can cause pain or just make you feel uncomfortable. I have a major posture problem and the belt helped reduce any pain from my lower back. I also affects body weight.

The third reason not everyone will understand. If you’ve every watched a person in the gym lift something heavy you might of noticed that before the lift they were hyping themselves up. Every time I put on a belt I feel my head entering a dark place where I must Lift the weight.

Interestingly, day to day your body only has access to 70% of it’s strength. However, when you create a scenario in your where you have to lift the weight, you will lift it.

This is why we hear stories of superhuman strength like a mother lifting a car of her children.


Let’s get back to the task at hand and review why you should buy the RDX weight lifting belt.

Price:£22.99 the cheapest belt available
Diverse size:10 different adjustments
4 inch padded support:Support for the whole back
Leather:Strong material
Suede liner:Stops it from slipping

When I bought this belt I wasn’t expecting much for £22.99. However, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that there was such high quality materials used.

The suede used on the inside of the belt helps to keep it in the same place. Therefore, it is very grippy.

Of course the RDX belt is very functionable, after trailing and reviewing it, I can say the RDX weight lifting belt does it’s job very well.


While using the belt I did find some difficulty while putting it on.

RDX weight lifting belt with fabric caught in the buckle

As you can see in the picture, the flap of material used under the buckle tends to get caught on your shirt. This results in you having to press your fingers under the belt every time you put it on.

While this isn’t a major problem, it is still very annoying.

Summary of review

After trailing and reviewing the belt for 2 months, I can confidently say that the RDX weight lifting belt is worth the money.

The majority of weight lifting belts on amazon are a lot more expensive. The expression you get what you paid for doesn’t really apply here.

The belt is made from some very high quality materials. It allows the belt to grip and mould to your body very well.

To conclude the review of the RDX weight lifting belt in 3 words, it is affordable, quality, and efficient.

Thanks for reading stay strong, stay motivated gym bros


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