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SONGMICS exercise bike Review

A few weeks ago I bought an exercise bike from Amazon. More precisely, the SONGMICS foldable exercise bike, and I thought I’d sum it up in review.

Do you need an exercise bike?

First of all, let’s talk about a pretty major point. Do you actually need an exercise bike?

To be straight forward, yes, it is very beneficial for you.

Losing weight can be a very difficult process for people, losing 2 stone was a very big challenge for me. So, trust me I know. I have even documented parts of my journey on

Per hour of cycling your body can burn up to 400 calories. This is a very big number. In order to burn this many calories while running, you would have to run 5 miles. Cycling certainly out ways running in my opinion.

In addition to that, there is also more benefits to cycling than running. A huge one being muscle building. After reviewing and using the SONGMICS exercise bike, it certainly improved the physique of my legs.

While running and hiking can really benefit your body, it will not build muscle. Cycling can. Cycling is known to use the quads, glutes, hamstrings, and even calves. These are some serious muscle groups that get used daily.

Over time cycling will definitely increase the size of these muscle groups. If you don’t believe me then have a look at Robert Forster Mann (AKA quad zilla)

Robert Forestermann standing in front of an Olympic bicycle and lake while tensing his quads

The comforts of an exercise bike

Yes, I know what you are thinking. Why can’t I just use a regular bike and cycle along the road. Well, yes you can. However, there are more advantages of having an exercise bike.

A big one being comfort. I cannot tell you how nice it was while reviewing and using the SONGMICS exercise bike on a rainy day when I was warm and dry while going for a bike ride.

This will also make you use your exercise bike more frequently. Having the ability to just get off your coach and walk over to your exercise bike is going to help you exercise more.

YYFITT exercise bike review

Let’s get down to business, the YYFITT exercise bike seems to be fairly standard, but after using and reviewing it, there’s a little more to it. You might of noticed in the Amazon description that it’s titled as a foldable bike. What?

Foldable feature

Songmic foldable exercise bike folded by a man who is demonstrating the foldable feature

So, what is a foldable bike. Well, this bike is able to fold into itself. It is a lot easier for you to look at the picture rather than me explaining. However, as you can see the bike collapse in on itself and turns into a fifth of the size as it was.

While reviewing the SONGMICS exercise bike, I found that this was a very useful feature. You can store it just about anywhere. Hell, it would even fit behind your coach. Therefore, this allows you to still keep your house tidy and clean when visitors arrive.

Specs of SONGMICS exercise bike

ColourBlack and red
Item weight18kg
Size 72D x 41W x 113H cm
Maximum weight capacity120 kg
Resistance16 Magnetic levels
Arm exercise bandsYes
Electronic monitor with trackingYes
No different variations available

Let’s address these specs one by one. We have already talked about and reviewed the foldable feature of the YYFITT exercise bike, So let’s keep working through the list of specs.


Black and red is the only colour variation available. This might no be everyone’s taste, however, I don’t mind it. Red is also a very good colour for gym equipment. Not only is it associated with rage but it’s also used to resemble strong emotions and used to symbolise strength.

Weight, dimensions and material

The whole bike only weighs 18kg. This is thanks to the material its made from. The frame of the bike is made from an alloy steel, which is fairly standard for exercise equipment like this. I can tell you that this is a strong material. Besides, while I was reviewing the SONGMICS exercise bike I did push it over a few times to see if it would brake, and after 10 minutes of torment the SONGMICS bike held up very well.

Again thanks to the frame, the maximum weight capacity is 120kg. However, I believe that this bike could hold more weight than this. This bike has the adjustability to suit just about anybody. The dimensions given are 41W x 113H cm. However, the seat height is adjustable. So, you can therefore set the bike up to your own needs.


There are 16 different levels of resistance. Each one is harder than the next. I recommend that you start slow and work your way up. Don’t worry about maxing the machine out. Cardio is meant to be done in sessions of around 20 mins. You would have to be an absolute beast to be able to pedal on the max resistance for more than 10 minutes. When I was reviewing the bike, of course I had to try it on the max level, and I couldn’t gain any speed or momentum on the SONGMICS exercise bike.

Monitor insights

All of your progress is also trackable on the monitor screen. There is actually a lot more that the monitor offers. For example, you can also see your speed, distance cycled, time you’ve been cycling, and even your pulse. Another good feature is the tablet and phone holder moulded around the display. This means that you can exercise while watching you favourite Netflix show.


There are a lot of different exercise bikes on the market. So, let’s review if the SONGMICS foldable exercise bike has potential to be yours.

  • A massive benefit of this bike is the comfort that you will have. Cycling outdoors is great, however, on a rainy day or when it’s cold, you’ll be thankful for having an exercise bike indoors.
  • This specific exercise bike also beats other bikes on the market for comfort. The padded cushion seat is comfy to sit on and not rigid at all. I find that for my height (5.9ft) the angle that my back is bent when holding onto the handle bars does not put any stain on my back.
  • A huge pro is the price. This exercise bike is only £169.00, which is relatively inexpensive. Gym and exercise equipment can be very costly. Some exercise bikes can reach prices of up to £800. If you don’t believe me then review the prices of the other exercise bikes on Amazon, you will then appreciate the price of the SONGMICS bike.
  • This bike has a lot of added features. The main one seems to be the foldable feature, which is unarguably very useful. The second one is the resistance bands under the handle bars. These are great for you to do some basic upper body exercises while cycling. In addition to that, they can be perfect for just keeping you entertained when you get tired.

There aren’t many negative points about the SONGMICS exercise bike that we can mention in this review.

  • The one thing that bothered me was having to replace the batteries in monitor. The monitor requires batteries in order to work. However, the bike will still work without the monitor on.
  • Another annoy problem with the monitor was the phone/tablet holder. This seems to be a pretty standard problem for all exercise bikes. Therefore, when you prop your phone up on the monitor it covers some of the buttons and also blocks the screen.

This isn’t a major problem, however, it is still annoying.


To conclude this review, the SONGMICS exercise bike offers a comfortable and efficient way to lose weight. In addition to that, the foldable feature of the bike is great. It allows you to store it just about any where. This will help you keep your house tidy. If you want to purchase the SONGMIC exercise bike or find out more about it, then simply follow the links in this post.


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