Stroop’s resistance band review

In every gym, you can find a resistance band. People use them everywhere, at home, on the go, and in the gym. They are typically used as a warm-up to get some blood into the muscles and wake you up. But can you actually have a fully effective workout with only resistance bands? Luckily for you I have written this whole review to find out is Stroop’s resistance bands can actually benefit you.

Stroop’s is a pretty well-known brand, and they certainly love their bands. They even claim to have a full home gym that only consists of resistance bands. Fitness equipment costs a lot. Some people can spend more than 2000 dollars just on equipment for a home gym. So, is this the solution for an inexpensive gym?

What is Stroop’s?

Stroop’s is an established company, specializing in resistance bands. Every single attachment you can imagine you can get. You can accessorize your band by buying any type of handle or extension. They are also making a dent in the weights and battle ropes industry As well. The company even supplies major fitness brands such as Rogue, Cybex, Balanced body, Lifetime, and Crunch.

They get a lot of business from amazon. Amazon is slowly taking over the world and more businesses are making their mark on the platform. Stroop’s have now made a fitness program called the training room, this program is meant to guide you through a resistance band workout, we will look into it further on on this review. This program offers you an easy way to understand the fundamentals of the gym with the use of video tutorials.

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Can you do a full workout with Stroop’s resistance bands?

Yes, you can do an efficient calorie-burning workout with only resistance bands. However, there can be a ceiling while working out with only bands. After reviewing what it takes to build serious muscles and lose a lot of weight consistently, Stroop’s resistance bands may not be the best choice for you. Even though bands can build up your strength they will not ever be as effective as weights.

Some muscle-building exercises cannot be performed to their best level with bands. For example, a bench press cannot be performed with bands. Yes, you can still train your chest with bands, however, it will not have the same effect. Exercises such as overhead presses and deadlifts may prove challenging As well. These exercises are essential for gaining strength and building muscle. People refer to them as compound movements.

Consequently in-depth studies and reviews have shown that bands put less pressure on your joints and Stroop’s resistance bands are no exception. This means your body will use its muscles more in order to complete the movement. This makes a resistance band workout very effective. You can target and use 100 percent of your muscle.

Do resistance bands really work?


First off many people use resistance bands as a warmup exercise, and they are perfect for this. It’s a good way to start a workout to stretch out your muscles and get some blood in them. The importance of warming up is huge. Most injuries occur from people not warming up and lifting too heavy too early.


While we are on the topic of injuries, we have to talk about physio with resistance bands. I have used bands before to build back strength into damaged muscle tissue. Stroop’s resistance bands can help you achieve the exact same thing that thousands of doctors and physiotherapists have reviewed. These bands can be used for isolating a muscle or area that has suffered an injury. If you have injured yourself, make sure you seek professional help in person. The internet holds a lot of opinions and not all are true. You don’t want to self-diagnose yourself and possibly make your injurie worse.


Building strength and flexibility is important. When we say strength, we do not mean you are going to become a strong man. You can build strength in muscle groups like your legs which will improve your body’s ability in your day-to-day life. For example, bands can be used for building strength in your hamstrings. They are responsible for the body’s balance and allow you to bend and straighten your leg in front and behind the body.

Other benefits


Flexibility also plays a major role in our everyday lives. Even something as simple as tying your shoelace can be made difficult if you have a lack of mobility. If you are sitting down for the majority of the day your muscles will become tight and you may gain weight. Being flexible and having loose muscles can improve the way your body feels. If you have bad flexibility, it is because you have tight muscles. Tight muscles can lead to numerous problems, one being posture.

Bad posture means your spine isn’t straight, this can lead to you getting neck pain and lower back pain. If you go your whole life with bad posture, it will affect you a lot when you grow elderly by giving you a hunch back. If you don’t believe me then you can go read reviews on Stroop’s resistance bands and hear it from people who have actually improved their lives.

Less joint pain

If you suffer from joint pain, then bands may be the answer for you. Studies have shown that using bands instead of weights applies less pressure to your joints. It is very important to look after your joints as we use them every day. This also gives you a better workout. Less pressure on your joints means that your muscle will need to be stimulated more to complete the movement. Finally this means you are only using your muscle and not your joints.

Why are Stroop’s the best

Stroop's resistance band review

Stroop’s have been in this industry for a long time. They have become a well-established brand and sell to thousands of customers. Futhermore Rogue, Cybex, Lifetime, and Crunch are all supplied by Stroop’s. Stroop’s also sells their products on amazon. Amazon is full of fitness equipment; some equipment is below the standard that it should be.

However, Stroop’s resistance bands have consistently got high ratings and reviews and always keeps its prices modest. With other online fitness equipment suppliers, they just give you the equipment and that’s it. When you buy from Stroop’s you also have the option of joining their fitness program, the training rooms.

The training rooms

The training rooms are a workout subscription program that is aimed at people who want to use resistance bands. For 15 dollars a month you get access to exercise and workout video tutorials. The gym can be a daunting place for newbies. It’s hard to know where to start. This program breaks your routine down and makes it easy to follow.

It’s great to have encouragement and goals for yourself. Many subscribers have left their reviews on Stroop’s training program, and it is great for people who don’t know what to do with resistance bands. Participants said that the ”easy to follow along video tutorials provide loads of motivation, encouragement, and leaves no room for excuses”

This program is an alternative to more well known brands such as BodyFit.

Guide to a full workout with resistance bands

This is a full guide to a simple and effective full workout that I wanted to include in this review, with only the use of Stroop’s resistance bands, you can do this anywhere . All you need is your bands and a little bit of space to move around. Obviously, this workout won’t be as effective as Stroop’s program. However, it gives you a good taste of what to expect.

All of these exercises are brilliant for burning fat. I recommend doing 4 sets of 10 reps for each exercise. If you want to burn fat you can increase the number of reps of sets. If you struggle to perform the number of reps suggested, then you can lower them.

  • Back row: Rows are brilliant for your back. Having a strong back means your day-to-day life will improve.
  • Floor bench press: The floor press is a compound movement, it has almost the exact same effect as a bench press.
  • Standing overhead press: The overhead press is a shoulder exercise. This movement helps mobility and strengthens you.
  • Squat: The squat is a staple exercise of the gym. It’s like the butter on your bread. This exercise benefits multiple muscles in your legs at once. It is also a great exercise for burning fat as it uses your full body to perform the movement.


Here are some customer reviews left by people who have bought and used Stroop’s resistance bands. One customers wrote. ”So far, I am very happy with my purchase! The bands have great resistance and can be used for multiple exercises”. This customer makes a good point by saying that the resistance is strong.

”Super pleased with these. I enjoy using resistance bands now. I feel way safer using these, and now I’m more into my resistance exercises.

Another customer left this very in-depth review on what they got from Stroop’s ”My client told me that a few years ago, he was using cheap resistance bands he had purchased on Amazon, and one of the bands broke and snapped back and hit him in the eye. He said he almost lost his eyesight in that eye. So, with that being said, I’m so glad I threw away my old traditional bands and replaced them with these”. High quality is Stroop’s favourite thing. We have all seen YouTube videos of gym fails where bands snap. It is dangerous and can hurt you.

Furthermore it’s hard to find a negative review on amazon or their official webpage where there is a negative comment on Stroop’s resistance bands.

Conclusion: Are Stroop’s any good?

To sum up this whole review that I wrote, Stroop’s resistance bands are a low cost and easy way for you to workout. In the past, they have worked with major fitness companies and brands which proves how trustworthy they are. Physiotherapy clinics use resistance bands for healing patients muscles. Equally important that you get yourself a strong band that will suit your work out and strength. When you buy from Stroop’s you get a 1-year warranty with your resistance band, free shipping on all orders over 50 dollars, and hassle-free returns, this sums up my review.


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