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Sunny manual treadmill review

Many people are starting to fill their homes with gym and exercise equipment. Maybe it’s part of your new years resolution or maybe you just want to get in shape. Either gym equipment is expensive. Recently I even bought myself a Sunny manual treadmill, and I thought I’d write this review.

Let’s jump into it and find out if the Sunny manual treadmill is worth the money.

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What do you get?

So what do you get from sunny health and fitness?

For £160, you get 1 single treadmill. After reviewing and using the sunny manual treadmill, I realised one huge plus about this treadmill is that it hardly takes up any space. The dimensions of the product are 124.5D x 58.4W x 127H centimetres. This is small enough so you can store the treadmill away in your home and not create clutter.

The treadmill also has wheels attached to the frame. This means that you can easily wheel the treadmill into storage. This is perfect for elderly people who do not have the strength or have limited movement.


Max speed:8kmph
Digital interface:Yes
Specs are not customizable

A max speed of 8hmph doesn’t sound like much. However, the truth is that treadmills were not invented for fast high speed cardio. If you want to do that then you need to by a sprinting machine.

8kmph is a high enough speed to allow you to either power walk or lightly jog. After 20 to 30 mins of doing this you are guaranteed to feel the burn.

While reviewing the sunny manual treadmill I noticed that the foldable ability of the is a massive plus. Once you do fold up the running platform the treadmill takes little to no space to store.

The digital interface is always an important part of a treadmill. It allows you to track your performance. The digital computer on this treadmill enables you to track time, speed, calories burned, and steps. You can even scan the data to find out and compare how you are performing compared to previous sessions.

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Is the Sunny manual treadmill better than an automatic treadmill?

I also like to be honest in my reviews, the sunny health and fitness manual treadmill is not as good as an automatic model.

However, if you do search up treadmill on amazon, the first thing you will notice is the price difference.

This manual treadmill along with others, costs under £250. Automatic treadmills on average cost around £600. We all love to save money, so this is a big plus.

Manual treadmills use gravity and the force of your legs to move the belt. Therefore, do not need to plug them in. However, it does mean that there will be a lower top speed limit.

Automatic treadmills are better than manual ones. If you have ever used one before then you will already know how easy it is to adjust them, and to set up the incline or decline, and adjust the speed. You just have a lot more control of how your doing your cardio.

Is there better treadmills on the market?

Once again I always like to be honest in my reviews, yes there will always be better than the sunny manual treadmill.

However, it comes down to price. The sunny manual treadmill is actually affordable. If you have the budget then you can buy a top of the range automatic treadmill for £2000. But it’s just unnecessary for people like me and you.

For what you get for your money this treadmill is pretty good. It allows you to still get your exercise on those rainy days and be comfortable and warm while you do it.

This is a really good starter treadmill. If you want to get fit or in shape then this is perfect for you.

Benefits of running on a treadmill

No matter what sort of treadmill you have here are the biggest benefits of of using one for exercise.

Weight loss: This is certainly the biggest benefit of running on a treadmill. Many people struggle to find the time to go for a run. However, if you have a treadmill in your own home, then there is really no excuse.

Per hour of running your body can burn up to 700 calories. That is an insane amount of calories to burn. All you have to do in order to lose weight is do 3 30 minute sessions of cardio a week.

More control over your workout: It is always important to have control over your workout. With a treadmill you can control everything. You can choose whether you want run on a incline or a decline and you can control what speed you want. It is also easier to track your performance and this will help you find motivation.

After reviewing the sunny manual treadmill, I can tell you that it is great at adapting to your needs.

Less joint pian: If you have are already an active runner and typically run outside on roads and paths, then you may already suffer from joint pain. Running on an uneven surface can cause serious long term leg problems. It’s important to look after your body. Running on a treadmill is going to be a lot better for your joints.


In conclusion of this review, the sunny manual treadmill is a great way to exercise. It offers so much for such a small cost.

Being able to track your performance and compare it with your previous sessions is a big plus. As soon as you notice that you are making progress and increasing your performance you will find more motivation.

To sum up this review in a few short lines, the sunny manual treadmill is a great and inexpensive way to workout out. Being in the comfort of your own home while running is a good motivation to get up off your ass and workout. For the price of this treadmill you cannot go wrong.

Thanks for reading gym bros.


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