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Today we are going to conduct a review of a brand called Urthbox. If you’re like me then you love to snack. Unfortunately, humans are hard-wired to snack on unhealthy sugary foods like chocolate, crisps, and sweets. We always feel so guilty after we defour a family-sized bar of chocolate by ourselves, so what if there was a healthy tasty solution to this human want, and what is the best meal subscription box out there? Urthbox claim that they are, and after reviewing what I tried and tested, I am going to produce it to you in this article and offer you the promo of buy one get one free.

What is Urthbox

Urthbox is a healthy subscription meal box service that will send you up to 100 different tasty and healthy snacks every month. Let me talk you through the process. First of all, you pick how many snacks you want a month. The cheapest offer is 7-8 snacks for $29.99. Then you get to tailor your box to your requirements. You can go for a keto urthbox, a vegan box, even gluten-free, and more, before writing this review I have only tried a keto box. Once a month you will then receive a box of healthy and delicious snacks to keep you energized and to stop you from eating all of those sugar fatty snacks. You then receive points that go towards deals on any future purchases. All of these snacks are perfect for a healthy breakfast.

Box with Urthbox logo printed on it on a ha

But wait, there’s more

This is more than just sending you healthy foods in the post. Urthbox is very well respected and has been praised by big platforms such as Forbes, Refinery 29, Tech Crunch, and Daily Candy, who have also published their own reviews. You also have the option to send a snack Urthbox box as a gift to a loved one or a friend, and you can do this for free with my promo buy one get one free. If you have any friends who love to snack or who are trying to lose weight, it makes the perfect gift for them.

What sort of tasty snacks do you receive?

Depending on what sort of subscription you go for you may receive up to 30 different snacks a month, that’s a snack a day. A box may contain up to $100 dollars’ worth of high-quality food. But what sort of snacks do you receive? Before writing this review, I got everything from brand-new types of nutritious beverages, juices, cookies, chocolate, snack bars, granola, trail mixes, nuts and seeds, dried meats, crisps, dried fruit and vegetables, and superfoods from Urthbox. These are almost like a healthy alternative. Many people struggle to buy healthy foods, however, if you buy from Urthbox you will be able to enjoy a healthy breakfast every day and use the promo to buy one get one free.

Are there any full meals in there?

This box is more aimed at people who enjoy snacks. Yes, you could eat some of the contents for lunch or incorporate them into a meal. However, after reviewing these snacks, I think that Urthbox is perfect for people who have to eat on the go, or for a pick-me-up before/after a workout. Never underestimate the importance of eating a full meal. It’s very important to eat 3 times a day. If you lift weights or workout then it is even more important. You can even use these snacks as alternatives so you don’t binge on unhealthy food. This may help you lose weight.

The body needs food in order to grow, refuel, and build muscle. If you start missing meals you will notice a lack of energy and maybe even loss of muscle size. Without having a steady and consistent flow of valuable nutrition your body will never progress and you will render the workout you have just done pointless.

Opened urthbox showing the contents

Why wouldn’t you buy these snacks from a shop?

Well, the price is the reason. These are not cheap products that you receive from Urthbox, they are sourced from high-quality natural ingredients that i have experience in reviewing before. They are also GMO-free. It’s hard to find healthy snacks like these in your local supermarket. Sometimes even when you find a nutritious product in a supermarket, it can still have some unhealthy additives. The price of the snacks you get from this subscription is inexpensive compared to other major health food brands.

If you are here because you want to lose weight, then this might be for you. Whenever you are confronted in the supermarket with an endless range of high-sugar, fatty foods it’s hard not to pick them up. When you order from Urthbox you are only confronted with healthy foods, and why wouldn’t you give it ago when you have the promo to buy one get one free.

Can you tailor your own box

No, you do not get to choose what exact foods you want to receive. However, if you could it would completely ruin the point of ordering the box. The best thing about Urthbox is the excitement of what you are going to receive, this was what I most enjoyed when researching for this review. The purpose of this whole company existing is so you can find yourself new tasty and healthy foods.

If you did pick your own foods I’m sure we can all admit that we would fill it with the most high calorie, sugar treats. You still get to choose which healthy subscription meal box will best suit you and your diet. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, then their is an option for you. There is even a keto box. You also get to choose what size box you want. The choices are personal 7-8 items, plus 14-16 items, family 21-23 items, or the team box 28-30 snacks.


Obviously, the health benefits are the biggest plus you can get from a box. All of their foods are carefully sourced and are very high-quality. Many major platforms like Forbes, Tech Crunch, and daily candy have shown their praise by publishing their own Urthbox reviews. With a healthy diet also comes weight loss. It also depends on which category of the box you order. Keto is a great diet choice for losing weight, it is a high protein, high fat, and low carb diet that melts fat away. You also have the vegan option, which can promote weight loss.

Many people struggle with choosing what to have for breakfast. Most people either go for something quick and sugary or just skip it. Don’t worry anymore, This is now the box where you can source a healthy breakfast. Meal boxes aren’t anything new, however, because this one has so many healthy items inside it may just be the best meal subscription box available. Remember you can also use my Urthbox promo and buy one get one free.


This wouldn’t be a proper review if we didn’t mention the negatives. If you are on a diet trying to lose weight, it’s not ideal having loads of snacks surrounding you. The urge and temptation may take over and you might binge eat. However, they are still foods with health benefits, so that won’t give you the typical risks of heart disease and so on.

It’s not guaranteed that you are going to like all of the foods you receive just like I didn’t while reviewing them, but you will find more you do like, and it may Surprise you how many new foods and ingredients you will find in the Urthbox to incorporate into your diet.

Personally, what I think the biggest negative about this box is that it is only shipped to the US and Canada. Many people can’t actually get this subscription box, which is a real shame. If you are outside of the US or Canada you can still find healthy subscription meal box

Box with Urthbox written on the front with logo, propped up by a wooden block.
Conclusion-Do I recommend the Urthbox?

To conclude this review in one short paragraph, yes, Urthbox is a great idea. Typically, these types of subscription box only send you sugary sweets. It’s great to have a healthy subscription meal box option that still tastes good. This is a great opportunity for you to find some new and exciting foods. Reviews I have found on the web only scream positivity, and any time you have to cancel a subscription or contact their support team, they are very polite. In my opinion, this is probably the best meal subscription box that I’ve come across. I hope you enjoyed reading our review of Urthbox, you can even press the button below to get the promo of buy one get one free.

The best keto snacks, in my opinion

Everyone loves to snack, especially me. I like to try and keep things healthy. So, here are my go-to top 5 snacks to eat on a diet. These tasty natural foods will keep your hands away from the high sugary snacks like sweets, chocolates, and processed foods.

  • Banana and peanut butter. This is a great combo that tastes delicious. Make sure you select a healthy peanut butter. Some kinds of peanut butters are full of sugar, fat, and calories. However, some people may be trying to bulk up. If that is the case then you can select a more calorie-dense jar of peanut butter. This combo also tastes great in smoothies and protein shakes. Not only does it add some valuable nutrition but it will taste great.
  • Nuts and seeds. This is the perfect snack for the on-the-go. All sorts of nuts like almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts are full of nutrition that will let the body flourish. You can even get pretty creative with them and blend them to sprinkle onto a suitable meal. I even found some in my urthbox while I was doing research for this review, and I would like to take this opportunity to remind you about the promo (Buy one get one free)
  • Cheese. Whether you put it on your food or cut a piece off at night, we all love cheese. It’s important to select low-fat cheese. Like peanut butter, there are so many different kinds and brands. So, do your research first. Cheese is also a great food to add to a meal that needs flavour or you can sprinkle a healthy serving on your food 2-3 times a week as a treat.
  • Whole grain toast. Toast is such a simple breakfast and snack. White bread is full of sugar, whole grain is a lot better for your health. No one likes dry toast and butter is full of calories. The best alternative to butter is either almond butter or avocados.
Keto friendly foods spread across a table with a label reading keto diet
Favourite vegan snacks
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables. Another handy snack for people who are in a rush is fruit and vegetables. All types of fruit and vegetables are perfect for the body’s health. They are all packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. All sorts of fruits are convenient to eat. You can take them anywhere with you and incorporate them into other meals. Breakfast is the perfect time to take advantage of this. A sprinkle of berries and a chopped-up banana on your cereal or porridge is a great way to start the day. Anybody that has been reading this review will know, you will not find any fresh fruit in your Urthbox.
  • Crackers are a great snack that are vegan friendly. There perfect for taking with you while your on the go or they can make a good late night snack. Personally, I like my crackers with vegan cheese or avocado. There is no need to be eating boring plain food while you can make things exciting and delicious.
  • Dark chocolate is delicious, there is no need to debate, we all love it. This is such a good treat for people who are on a diet. My favourite time to eat chocolate is after dinner or before bed. However, you eat it whenever you like. Just make sure that you don’t go to overboard and stuff your face with it. It is still full of calories and should be consumed in small quantities.

There aren’t that many vegan foods that I like. This is probably because I am not a vegan and have no interest in that life style. However, if that is you or you wish to turn vegan Urthbox and accommodate that, I hope you found a new tasty snack or treat to eat in this review and don/t forget the promo (buy one get one free)


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