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What should I wear to the gym

If your reading this post, then more than likely you are a gym newbie. Don’t worry, I was in the exact same boat as you. Going to the gym should always be enjoyable. However, maybe your worried about awkward stares and people judging you. Trust me, people will not judge you for what you should wear and they certainly won’t judge you for getting of your ass and going to the gym.

What you wear to the gym isn’t that important of a topic, so let’s not take this to seriously. There are however a few simple things that you should keep in mind.

I’ve been hitting up the gym for around 2 years. My style may not be everybody’s. But don’t worry, its kind of hard mess up what clothes you choose.

Obey to gym rules

Obeying to the gym rules is very important. Maybe your gym is like mine and doesn’t have rules, however, some gyms can be very strict. Most guys wear what ever they want to the gym. So, typically their the ones getting told off.

A common rule in the gym is no stringers. I don’t know why gyms make stupid rules like this. Stringers are quite revealing tank tops. The name stringer comes from only having a small thread going over your shoulder.

It is a bit strange that you can walk down a street with 40% of your upper body exposed. However, when your in a gym it’s a big no no.

If it’s your first time going to a certain gym. Just make sure that you are wearing some clothing that covers more than 60% of your upper body.

There can be more annoying gym rules. Such as having to have a certain type of water bottle. I kid you not some gyms have this rule. All I can say about them is this, ASSHOLES!

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Think ahead

This may seem a bit random but hear me out. Have you ever gone some where, brought you phone and other personal belongings and had no where to leave them. You end up ramming all sorts of things into your pockets.

So think ahead. Does your gym have lockers where you can put your stuff, do you have to pay for them, or should you wear a jumper with pockets.

You also have the option of bringing a gym bag. Personally, that is what I do. However, since some gyms think it’s totally cool to charge you for a locker maybe you should find another solution.

Usually, it’s a lot easier to wear something to the gym that allows you to keep all of your belongings safe. Or maybe ask yourself what you should bring to the gym.

Wear something freeing to the gym

Squatting in a pair of jeans is a pretty awful idea. Not only will you get some strange stares but you will also be very uncomfortable. So, don’t do it!

No matter who you are, men and women should always wear something comfortable to the gym.

This is an obvious point I’m making, but still let’s talk about it.

Whatever you want to wear is fine. However, next time before your about to go to the gym, do the squat test. The squat test is simply squatting down and seeing how free your movement is, you can also try to knee yours in the chin.

Clothes like jeans and buttoned shirts really restrict your movement and limit you to only being able to do the most basic movements.

When your working out you need to be able to be free.

What I wear to the gym

I’m a guy an I go to the gym. Let me show you what the typical gym outfit looks like for me.

Before you do try and judge me, I’m not one of those people who feel as if they have to dress nice. In fact, I’m one of those people who hate to buy clothes. That’s my girlfriends job.

So, here’s my gym fit. Pretty standard for a young gym bro, I know.

Rose patterned tank top beside a pair of jogging bottoms that I wear to the gym, on a bed

This is what most guys would wear to the gym.

I like to always wear some sort of tank top. I’m not a show off but my gym has a lot of mirrors and I like the way I look. If you like the way you like and have worked hard to build your physique, then you have bragging rights to show off.

Tank tops are also very freeing, there’s no exercises that you will feel restricted doing while wearing this.

Another reason why I love wearing tank tops is because I like to track my progress. I’m not necessarily being vain while I look in the mirror at myself. I’m seeing what I look like and what I need to do to improve.

This can also help keep you motivated. Once you do start to see progress, you will be hooked.

Personally, I always wear a pair of jogging bottoms to the gym. I hate shorts. I don’t really know why but I do. Joggers are always a go to for me. Yes, I know shorts offer more free movement and reduce the amount of sweat. But I’m not wearing something that I hate.

Tight VS loose clothing

This is an interesting topic. Should you wear loose or tight clothes to the gym?

Personally, I always wear loose clothing. Why? It’s just more comfortable. I also like to wear loose baggy clothing because it doesn’t make me look like a cyclist. Yes I hate both shorts and cyclists.

Tight clothing can make you look great. Especially if you have a good physique like some of the guys on Instagram, wearing something tight can make you look good at the gym. However, I can’t say that I do but I’m getting there.

I also find that some sports tops and under armours are to tight. They make you feel uncomfortable and stimulate the feeling of a shrink wrapped steak. Not good.

However, if your at the gym more than likely you are going to start to sweat. This is wear tight clothing takes the bait. When you sweat in loose clothes it’s a horrible feeling. They stick to you and become really heavy.

I usually wear a deadlifting belt at the gym. So, my shirt is usually soaked with sweat.

Honestly, I’m going to leave this one up to you. Leave a comment on this post and say which one you prefer.

Man on one knee with all of his finger tips on the ground wearing a white under armour top and black trousers

Why wearing cotton is a bad idea

You might of heard someone say this before. Cotton is a bad idea to wear to the gym. But why?

Cotton is not a material that deals with sweat well. If you have ever gotten a cotton short wet before then you’ll understand.

This material doesn’t allow moisture to dry. Instead, it soaks it up. Kind of like a towel. Then it becomes heavy and smells very bad.

So, it’s probably best to avoid cotton clothing.

These days there are a lot of gym apparel brands that claim that they have cutting edge moisture wicking technology. This won’t make you stronger but it can help you if you are someone who sweats a lot.

Will people judge you because of what you wear

No, don’t be such an idiot. No one is going to care about the colour of your shirt. However, obviously if you wear jeans to the gym, yes people will stare, but like come on why would anyone wear jeans to the gym.

If you are worried about being judged at the gym, let me tell you this. Why would anyone judge anyone for getting off their ass and going to better themselves.

If they judge you their judging themselves. Focus on you, you are going to be the most powerful person there one day. It’s a long road but you can climb. HUSTLE HUSTLE HUSLTE AND THEN HUSTLE SOME MORE!!

lET’S JUST SUM this up

Whatever a guy wants to wear to the gym is up to him. No one is going to force you to do anything. Yes, some gyms have some pretty stupid rules that don’t allow you to wear certain types of clothing. Planet fitness I’m talking about you.

Make sure your comfortable in whatever your wearing. Both mentally and physically. Whatever you choose to wear is more likely going to be fine. You would be amazed to learn that some people wear the same pair of clothes that they woke up in and go to the gym wearing them, and then go to bed wearing them. Just whatever you do, DON’T WEAR JEANS!

Stay strong, Stay determined, Thanks for reading gym bro.


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